Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not so Dreadful Y Seams

48 ~ West Virginia
More Y seams in the newest Civil War BOW. Posted on Barbara Brackman's Civil War Blog on Saturday, November 26. Glad to have just made some in a previous block, they were not as dreadful this time. Actually not unlike doing mitered corners. Pretty happy with this newest block as well as three more I finished today...
42 ~ H is for Hospital
H is for Hospital was posted on the Civil War Blog on October 15. Easy except I changed the yellow from the first block I started. Fussy cutting is so much fun and I spend allot of time selecting fabrics for each block.
34 ~ Rosebud
I chose some Poison Greens for Rosebud. Altho not rose colors, I like the block and the fabrics. The Rosebud block was posted on August 20. 
29 ~ Railroad Crossing
Railroad Crossing was posted back on July 16, the first Civil War block I stopped at. It's hard to believe I haven't worked on them since then. I made pretty good headway this holiday weekend. 12 blocks. There are a few more left, pulled and partially cut. A couple of them are applique so they may be an evening project after I get bindings finished.

Next is the 1880s Sampler Quilt.  I plan to work on them in the evenings during the week as I don't have as many different fabrics and colors in that quilt. My worktable is completely covered with my Civil War fabrics right now, all in different little piles sorted by colors. lol Will have to put them away tomorrow morning before I can use my worktable for work/jobs. This week went by way too fast :0(

Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Pig Out Day

47 Dixie Tea

46 Apple Tree

45 Port and Starboard

37 Confederate Rose
What is it about turkey that makes one sleep so well! Instead of joining in on Black Friday, I dislike shopping even under the best of circumstances, I spent Post Pig Out Day working on my Civil War quilt.

Four more blocks done! Block 47 is the most recent block posted on Barbara Brackman's blog Saturday Nov. 19. Tomorrow will be a new one. Not that I am caught up, I still have more blocks to get to. Dixie Tea represents the tea leaf mixtures made when coffee and tea were not available during the Civil War. Love the history that goes along with each block. Check out more details on Barbara Brackman's Civil War BOW blog. Link is at the top of my sidebar.

Block 46 Apple Tree was an easy one. Check out the falling apples under the tree! 45 Port and Starboard was a fav as I love HSTs. Crusin' right along until I started block 37 Confederate Rose. There are a few blocks with odd pieces that I skipped over because of templates or applique. This is one of them. Printed out the templates. Looked at the shapes and then... oh no!!!... The Dreaded Y Seam!!! It's been a long time since I've done them. Headed over to Flicker to see how other quilters handled the block. Not only did most of them do the Y seams, there are quite a few that did the BlockBase version of Confederate Rose with even more Y seams! Truely Amazing Group of Quilters!

I could have changed the block and modified it to a square in a square version. Even set it up to be paper pieced. But the bar was set! Cut out my fabrics and worked out the Y seams. It's not the flatest block lol, but I am happy that I it is square and the correct size of 8 1/2 inches. Yipee! note: it looks pretty good in the picture because the scanner squashes is down. ;0)

Time for leftovers... and more blocks

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again!

Ohio Star ~ Block 38

Star of the West ~ Block 35

Kentucky Crossroads ~ Block 36

Hovering Hawks ~ Block 39

Finished 4 of my Civil War blocks today. Yipee!!! It's so nice to get back to them. It took a few blocks to get back in the groove.  Skipping around a bit until I get caught up and will fill in with the missing blocks.

Also have the 1880s sampler pulled out and ready to get going on that quilt too. Will see how many I can get done tomorrow in between cooking and sewing. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wishing everyone here in the states a wonderful holiday. For those that are planning to travel, I hope everyone stays safe and warm in what may be some yucky weather. We have rain forcast. The plants will be happy. We will try and send some on to Texas ;0)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots to be thankful for

As we head into the week of Thanksgiving, it's always nice to reflect on the things we are thankful for. The past six years have brought many changes into my life. I am thankful to be back in the North Valley altho I miss the mountains terribly as well as family that have passed, my husband, his parents and my father. I am thankful to live close to my son and that I get to see and talk to my mom every day since I moved her here after dad died. I am thankful that I met a wonderful man who helps make my life happy again. My friends in Tahoe, internet quilting friends and new family and friends in Texas :0)

I am especially thankful to have the opportunity and the means to be a quilter. To to able to share my love of quilting with others thru teaching and the guild. To give the gift of quilts to family, friends and those in need. 

Thank you to Dan, Cathy, Nancy and Jeni at Cathy's Sew and Vac for the classroom to teach quilting. My Quilting 101 series of classes are completed. With 2 returning and 2 new attendees, we had a lot of fun making a two color two block quilt. My new Binding Workshop last week was full and went well. The BOM is ongoing with a fun group of ladies. I am thankful for new quilting friends and to share my love of quilting with you all!

This week I am taking off for... a quilting vacation at home! lol Over the weekend I got caught up on my Civil War and 1880s sampler BOWs prep work and am ready to start sewing! Am I ever Thankful to get back to my quilts and am looking forward to a week of sewing, cooking and eating! Yippee and Yum!
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