Friday, September 2, 2011


Last two weeks have been crazy busy. Had a great time visiting friends in Tahoe. Window treatments were completed when I returned. Guild meeting last night. My quilting classes and the Block of the Month are posted on Cathy's Sew and Vac's website.  Today I quilted the beginning quilting class quilt and it's ready for binding. The BOM top is hanging up at the store, there is a picture of it on the website. New is a quilt I made using embroidered blocks made by the Embroidery Club at Cathy's Sew and Vac. I did an alternate square in a square block and set them in a pieced inner border that makes up a sawtooth/Ohio star pattern design. Also ready to be quilted. This quilt will be raffled as a fund-raiser. The owners at Cathy's Sew and Vac are organizing this to raise the funds to put up a fallen soldier memorial for a Chico soldier, Arron Ray Clark, killed in action.

Glad to hear from family and friends on the East Coast are OK. My cousin Iteke who lives in upstate New York, she and her family are fine. They had a wedding that weekend and she had several house guests. They are always prepared and have a generator. Donna in PA was not effected. Daniel and Georgine were in Vermont and had water cut off when a bridge was washed out and the main water line was cut. They were able to make their way back to New Jersey and are safe in their condo there. They will be headed back to Texas after the holiday. Very happy to see Aunt Reen is doing well after surgery, no major damage from Irene and stitching some beautiful red work blocks.  

Had some issues come up with my mom that are in the process of being resolved.

Simply too much for this tiered old soul

What is making me really grumpy... I am not working on either of the BOWs. I keep thinking, this will be the weekend I can work on MY quilts... but it looks more like it will be one more weekend. A carrot at the end of a stick!!!

grumpy ... grumpy ... grumpy


  1. You sound extemely busy! Hope things quiet down so you can work on your BOWs. I am so far behind with the CW blocks, but have other priorites. My teaching responsibilities will start soon as well. Having the summer off helps me do my own projects.

  2. All work & no play would make anyone grumpy.
    I hope you are able to find time for your personal BOM projects soon! You certainly are deserving of some "ME" time for sewing!
    Especially during Labor Day weekend ;)

  3. Jo, hope you find some time to work on some of your projects this weekend. You sure have been busy. So glad you had some fun in Lake Tahoe. It is so peaceful there. Kaitlin (not quite 6 yo yet) was here 2 weekends ago - she made her first quilt top. We went shopping for fabric, cut out 6 1/2" sqs. on the GO cutter. She sewed 98% of the squares together and I sewed the long rows together. We sure had fun and she was so proud!

    Will contact you after we get back.

    I love your blog!

    We were in Las Vegas last weekend for a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert. It was fantastic! Tuesday we leave for Barcelona - will be back on the 19th.

  4. You have a right to be grumpy. After all, there is a quite *demanding* woman who keeps calling you and *whining & begging* for info on your Cathy's classes so she can post them to the website. I--I mean *she* is very grateful that you even take the time to talk much less type up materials lists and bring down samples and finished quilts to the store. Then you have the marathon BOM truly are the most patient person I have ever met, I do believe... (unless you have a bleached blonde voodoo doll hanging in your studio).
    The Embroidery Club quilt is truly a work of art. It is wonderful to see a group of women come together for a good cause and even better to see the results-especially after you worked your special magic with the piecing and quilting. Many "ooohs and aaaahs" over that one the last few days.
    So...Simply put...YOU ARE THE BEST!


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