Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Time for storing of provisions

We were lucky enough to see the Supermoon lunar eclipse. 

Hope you got to enjoy it too
Enjoy Autumn, loving the cool temps!
Tot Ziens, Jo

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Morning Post ~ Samples for PIQF

Not allot to picture this morning. 
Two sample quilts for Honey Run Quilters
that will be going to Pacific International Quilt Festival in October

Dorrie made this beauty! Love the pieced borders made of silk
surrounding a Disappearing Nine Patch

Quilted with Autumn Fancy 

This one left the studio before any pix were taken.
This pic is from Honey Run's Facebook page...

Amanda pieced this warm and fuzzy quilt
using Woolies flannels and a soft flannel backing.
Quilted with wool batting and a Signature cotton thread in Gold,
this quilt is all natural! Simple 1/4 inch quilting. 
Beautiful Amanda, well done! 

Thank you ladies!

In the works are two custom quilts, one is almost finished
 with only start and stop tails to bury.
The second is on my frame that I will be working on today.
Pix of these two will be shared after our quilt show.
To see them sooner come to our show and see them in real life
along with over 200
quilts made by members of Annie's Star Quilt Guild! 

Tickets for our Opportunity Quilt will be available at the show
Good eats, lots of vendors are coming too :0)

So happy that Autumn is here
Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

 "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Morning Post ~ Beckie and Claudia

On my frame this week ~ 
the Autumn Medallion Sampler for Peggy pictured in the previous post.
Birds for Beckie and something different for Claudia

Birds for Beckie

LOVE the fabrics Beckie put together for this quilt! 
The colors and a great pattern to showcase the prints. 

Quilted with a sweet little pattern ~ Bird in a Nest
Omni thread in Verbena
Quilter's Dream Wool batting

Just like the Autumn wedding quilt, the fabrics are the star.
The quilting is there for the texture

Beckie used the focus fabric for the backing as well

Absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you Beckie, see you later today :0)
Beckie and I are starting a new quilt project together ~ Moon Glow
and plan to work on the second block today.

This one is quilted for Claudia
again, the quilting is the texture that adds to the quilt

Quilted with a cotton thread from Signature in just the right shade of blue
and a wool batting to make the quilting pop

On the frame where you can see the texture of the design
Woven Wind by Apricot Moon

Also made with great fabric choices. And made well!
Borders are the most common problem area for longarmers. When borders are cut too small or too long and/or just added to the edges of a quilt top without measuring thru the middle, it makes for a challenge to keep the quilt square without quilting in tucks. Making a quilt like this one is is a good challenge in getting borders right and Claudia always does a beautiful job :0) So does Beckie. Sew nice to have good quilters as these two women for customers. Thank you Claudia and Beckie!
The backing fabric.

Almost finished is a sample quilt for Honey Run that will go to PIQF.
Checked in a couple more quilts this week that will go into ASQG quilt show
coming up in November, the weekend of the 7/8th
Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico
You all are invited!

Have a wonderful weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn Medallion Sampler

Perfection in Autumn batiks! 95 x 106
This quilt is made by Peggy S for an upcoming October wedding

Wonderful batiks, I believe Peggy told me this was a class

Great choice for backing

Quilted with a Glide thread in Desert Sunset
Quilting design is Rapunzel
Batting is Quilter's Dream Cotton

Gorgeous job of piecing by Peggy!
Thank you 

This beauty definitely sets the mood for Autumn
with cool temps this week YEA!!!
and a little bit of moisture falling from the sky.
This change in the weather is good news and will help getting fires under control. Thoughts and prayers go out to many displaced families here in California effected by the worst fire season I've seen as a native Californian & survivor of three evacuations. Special prayers to those in Lake County with significant losses, including one life and many animals. Many many thanks to the women and men who put themselves in harms way in order to fight fires and help preserve as many homes as possible. Thank you and stay safe.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Morning Post Buzz

What was on my frame this week? Flowers and Bees :0)
Baskets of wool flowers with buttons

This Prim wall hanging for Tess
Wool applique with button hole stitches
in Pearl Cottons and wonderful colors!
Quilted with two layers of batting... a base of cotton
and a layer of wool on top to add that trapunto effect.
It really made the wool pop!!! Love the dimension.

Custom quilted McTavishing style
Black Omni on a dark brown wool background.
'Carefully' outlining the applique with lots of cute buttons :0)

I had fun echoing around this block's design

A little embroidery added by Tess

I enjoyed my time adding the McTavishing fill 
behind Tess' applique and as a fill for the borders. 

Also finished this week is a third quilt for Cindy
This one has an e2e with a floral border/corner design

X Factor was a challenge quilt that Cindy made her own by turning the X into a diamond :0)

Quilting design is an e2e ~ Summer Buzz
which worked with all the Bee fabrics. Great colors
bright and cheery fabrics! 

Quilted with a yellow Omni with Warm & Natural batting
with lots more bees on the back

Thank you Tess and Cindy! 
Good friends and members of our guild
Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico CA

This was one more (hopefully the last) warm week in Chico with triple digits this week. Without air conditioning in my studio, makes for some early starts and uncomfortable days. One more in the works, a wedding quilt for Peggy. 
Enjoy your weekend 
Tot ziens, Jo

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Morning Post ~ Barbara's Applique

Glorious applique by Barbara H. 

This week felt more like Spring rather that the coming of Autumn
working on this beauty :0)

Custom quilted
with lots of outlining 
and a cross hatch fill behind the flower vase. 

Worked out great following the dots of the fabric's print!
Dot to dot crosshatch :0) and no marking!!!

Layered with two battings, a cotton with scrim base
with wool on top for a trapunto look.
Thread is Omni in Vanilla Wafer for the sashing and blocks.
So Fine 50 for all of the outlining and SID. 
I am loving the So Fine thread from Superior

A close up of the Friendship Star design

and the back that had a whole cloth look
The vase was not quilted on purpose. 
Barbara layered a piece of batting between her applique and the top
and added her own stitches in blue

It gave the vase allot of dimension
and if stitched thru again, could have looked like a blue pumpkin!

The cotton batting will give it enough stability 
for a wall hanging. Barbara plans to hang it in the entry hall where she lives.
This quilt will sure add a cheery hello to everyone that come in!
 Thank you Barbara!  

Cindy brought in 6 quilts and I have been busy working on those as well. Two are finished and one, on my frame is ready for a little SID and then it's a finish. Yea! Had allot of paperwork and mail to catch up on this week. Turned over my term's accounting for our guild to our new treasurer, Chris to begin a new term. Thursday's guild meeting was so cool with Joe Cunningham as our guest speaker. He was wonderful, talented and very engaging! Wishing I had singed up for his workshop, it was full with 20 participants! 
So busy, I didn't realize until yesterday that it's Labor Day weekend already and a long weekend, how sad is that! I am headed to Yuba City today to attend a Maintenance workshop for my longarm at the Sew So Shop and my Innova dealer. Looking forward to that and then... to enjoy an extra day off :0) 
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! 
Tot Ziens, Jo 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Harvest Moon

The first of September and close to the full moon last Saturday 
The moon was still very bright early this morning 
22 days to Autumn!
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