Saturday, July 20, 2013

3rd week of July

My longarm quilting business is getting a great start!
Quilts completed this week...
This quilt top is made by my good friend Beckie. This is her Hawaiian quilt
All but one of the fabrics were purchased while she was visiting Hawaii.
She added the yellow batik in the center to complete her top.
Love her fabric choices and colors plus a wonderful block and pattern layout :0)
Beckie loves to use wool batting and I love the loft, it's fun to quilt on!
The quilting pattern is Tropical Garden by Designs by Deb. If you look real close you will see a Toucan bird! The flowers and leaves are perfect for the Hawaiian fabrics/theme.
I used Fantastico #5020, a variegated thread by Superior Threads.

These two quilts were finished for Sandra E...
both are quilts she made from a class with Goldie at Cathy's Sew and Vac/Honey Run Quilters.
This one is made with fabrics from Australia except the 'grout' fabric

Quilted with a design by Anne Bright ~ Sticky Buns
The swirl pattern in a cotton thread called Dogwood was understated and
added a nice texture to complement the fabric prints
and the second one made with batiks and black Kona for the grout
We chose a Dove pattern in black cotton thread.
This will be gifted to a church member, hence the stained glass and dove motifs

Annie's Star Quilt Guild is hosting an evening in September for local servicemen and women. We are busy making Quilts of Honor for the event. I donated my time and quilted two of them this week, this one also made by Sandy E, a guild member
 Quilted with an edge to edge panto of Stars in white thread

 This one was brought to me by Millie,
coordinator and volunteer for Community Service.
I quilted this one with a new panto I found at Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio,
designed by Kim Diamond. She sells a complete QOV bundle for $1.00! Sew nice! 

Millie dropped off one more when she picked up this one on Friday.
Note: these quilts are all being made thru our Community Service program, each of us donate our time and materials. There are several longarm quilters participating along with home machine quilters, piecers and binders all working on these wonderful quilts! My friends and longarmers, Esther of Threads on the Floor and Gail are also working on a few.

Also worked on valances.

It's heating up outside this weekend. We picked veggies this morning from our garden. Now off to work on my quilt projects, Lori and Randy's Medallion quilt and Grandmother's Choice and make tomato sauce! Check back later this weekend at Ramblin' Rows to see my progress :0)
Enjoy the weekend and take time to put in a few stitches! 
Thank you for visiting!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

More Baby Love

Baby Love quilt top made by Janie
We picked Rubber Duckies for the quilting design
Quilted with a variegated blue cotton thread
Very cute baby quilt. Tomorrow binding will be added
which Janie will sew down by hand

Along with Baby Love another quilt quilted this week...
Bright colors chosen by Sandy to make this throw/lap quilt
The border print is summer umbrellas
We decided to keep a summer theme with beach balls! 
A very fun quilt! Quilted with Glide thread in purple

In addition to quilts, two valances are completed and installed.
Seven ready to be board mounted with two more hemmed and ready to table.

A good week. There are more quilts completed that I do not post pics.
Some customers prefer not to have pics posted on my blog
and other quilts that will be shown in September
Also a member of the Chico guild, looking forward to the show and taking pics then. 
I am having fun working on our quilt show committee lining up vendors for the show.

Enjoy the day and take some time to do some stitching!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Quilts and wall hangings

Big change! I am working on a new look for my blog! Still a work in progress, setting this blog up for my longarm quilting business. I am using templates as I have absolutely no Web Design knowledge. In spite of that am quite pleased with the results thus far. What do you think?

This blog will feature quilts made by customers and my machine quilting. Ramblin' Rows ia a new blog I set up where you can find my quilts and projects! Here are a few customer quilts completed... two baby quilts and two small wall hangings...

Hello Kitty baby quilt made by Donna ~ sew cute!
 We both loved how the quilting looked on the pink Minkee backing :0) In fact Donna made a second Hello Kitty quilt and we finished it the same!
Semi-custom quilted with a center quilting design called Lucky Charms, I used a flower border design and added a simple flower in the corner.

Using some of the same quilting designs, this baby quilt was quilted for Janet
 A cow and flower border design, the simple flower motif in the corner and in the pieced inner border. I thought it went well with Janet's Barnyard fabrics from Moda. Too cute!

A small quilt for Phoebe with individual block designs and a geometric border

And this beautiful wall hanging made by a customer. It is her first attempt at fusible applique! 
 She did a great job, even added a folded inner border
 I quilted a scroll/vine border and stipple quilted the center background in black thread.
Added outline stitching and SID around the veggies details with an invisible thread.

Thanks for looking! Time to head into my workroom. Today I am working on 11 board mounted valances! I still have a little bit of work doing window treatments. Not much after 2008 and the housing bubble burst. That's when I started looking into a longarm business and am very happy I did.
Enjoy the day and take some time to do some stitching!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ramblin' Rows

I started a new blog along with a longarm quilting business! After choosing 3 different names I came up with Ramblin' Rows for my personal blog. A play on Ramblin' Rose replaced by Rows for block rows and rows of veggies! That covers quilting and gardening, my two favorite pastimes. Here is my first post. Still have a few bugs to work out.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my Longarm business, Moonbear Designs & Quilting. It already has my business name. It will be set up to make it easier for customers to find info on my quilting services. Posts will be about customer quilts, thread, batting and about my classes at Honey Run Quilters and Cathy's.

You are all welcome to check in with us and see what we are up to. I hope you do as well as follow my new personal quilting blog! There will be a link on each side bar from one blog to the other. TIA

I am using this pic of my Medallion quilt for Lori and Randy's SAL for the Ramblin' Rows blog header. I have all of the flowers and birds ready to applique on the last border. Stems and leaves soon!

We are back to 'normal' summer temps in the 90s here in the North Valley. July 4th reached a high of 111! It was miserable and humid! We had a small thunderhead, a short downpour and humidity at 9 am Thursday morning to 'cool' us off (very unusual for here, it felt like we were back in Texas!) 

This is the little thunderhead that dumped on us. If I were still living in the mountains this would have been no big deal. You know you live in Chico when a 'cool down' is 96 degrees F and feels great!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Quilt design by Kathie Holland
The Carpenter's Star quilt 
I made from a pattern by Kathie Holland of Inspired by Antique Quilts. 
Red, white and blue are also the colors of the Dutch flag :0)

This month will also mark the birthday of a longarm quilting business!!! Yes, after lots of practice on sample quilts, community service donation quilts as well as my quilts and quilts made by friends, I am ready to start quilting for hire!!! I don't get much in the way of home dec/window treatment contracts since I moved from Tahoe to Chico, so I am changing gears. Some of the first changes I plan to do is setting up a separate blog for my longarm business and look into a different longarm quilting machine. I am not happy with the one I am learning on and have been test driving other brands. Lot's of new adventures! 
Still too hot to venture out in the garden. 109 degrees F was our high yesterday and today's forecast is for more of the same. (High was 111!)
This pic was taken at 5 am this morning of the thermometer IN my longarm studio reading 85 degrees! Needless to say I won't be working today :0(
both because of the heat and it's a holiday! Yea!!! 

It will be a "staycation" for us this weekend. Crystal is quite happy in the house with the air conditioning and fans blowing on her white fur. All she needs is a blue and red bandana. Second to New Year's Eve, this is not her favorite holiday, a big white German Shepherd who freaks out with the sounds of fireworks and thunder, and we may have both today with afternoon thunderstorms. I expect Crystal will be spending the night in my bed instead of hers! It will be a good day to work on the applique for my Medallion quilt.

Enjoy the holiday! Wishing everyone has time off to enjoy some stitching!

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