Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grandmother's Choice

I had a wonderful morning working on blocks for Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice BOW.
Block 22 Jack's Delight
 Michael looked after Mom so I could have some "me" time taking a few stitches
Block 20 Memory Wreath
Block 3 Union Square
Block 1. Grandmother's Choice
The first block I made when the project began in September. 
My digital camera card failed this afternoon so I ended up scanning the blocks which are not as good as a photo and took forever to download. We get so accustomed to technology, frustrated when it doesn't work and then wonder how we ever got on without it. Update: replaced the scanned images with new photos taken today with a different card.

Mom is a handful, much like having a toddler around the house except in an adult body.

Thanks for hanging in with me. I do check in often to see your wonderful projects. Aunt Reen's group is finishing their Dear Jane's, in just a year!!! following her 13 months of Jane WOW! Lori posted a wonderful quilt a long, Abundance that allot of you did and Temecula Quilt Co started a 5 week quilt project on Friday that looks like a fun and fast little quilt. Enjoy the weekend!
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