Monday, January 26, 2015

Betty's Birds and a SIC for Judy

Quilt is custom quilted for Betty V.
A block/panto, border and corner design set
with a Signature cotton thread in Wheat

Nice block layout and colors in this quilt top
Betty made with a wonderful bird and berries print.
I added a few quilted birds, tucked away in the quilting :0)
 Thank you Betty

Also quilted is a Single Irish Chain for Judy P.
This is a quilt top Judy made in our guild's workshop with Sandy Klop
Also custom quilted with a design for a Single Irish Chain block
using an Omni thread in Spearmint.
Batting is Warm and Natural
Thank you Judy

Coming up for this week is a quilt top made by Kelly
"Big Wedding" finished at 86" x 86"
A model for Honey Run Quilters made from
I spent allot of time this weekend pondering design ideas
and have yet to come up with something perfect.
Any ideas/input would be welcome!?! TIA

Enjoy your week
Tot Ziens, Jo
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sandy's Stars

Next quilt up ~ A star quilt in primary colors made by Sandy E, I named it Primarily Stars altho the pattern had a different name. Quilted with Peacock Feathers... a new pattern from Apricot Moon. I truly appreciate the texture of their quilting designs. 
 The design worked out for the alternating Friendship Star blocks, 
done in primary colors, adding a little bit of fun to this quilt.
Pools of Blue Friendship Stars :0)
 I lined up the center of the design with each of the star centers!
It worked out great. Thread is a blue Omni quilted with wool batting.
Thank you Sandy!
Sandy already has this quilt, I took it by Cathy's Honey Run Quilters
yesterday for Goldie's Stash Burner workshop and also picked up a quilt for Phoebe.
Found out it was Ronda's birthday...
Happy Birthday Ronda!

On the frame now is a quilt for Betty V.
Custom quilted so it's taking a bit of time, almost finished!

Tot Ziens, Jo
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

Friday, January 16, 2015

First quilting finished for 2015

First quilt in 2015 is quilted for Leslie
A beauty! 15 inch blocks set on point. Wonderful fabrics!
A paisley print is the medium with a dark silk cornerstone in the sashing.
The background fabric is all scrappy, love it!
Even the inner border is all scrappy pieces of background fabrics!
Borders, corners, 2 triangles and the blocks are a set design by 
Apricot Moon called Charlotte. 
finished with SID borders and 1/4 inch straight stitch in the sashing
More contemporary than my usual feather motifs.
It worked well with Leslie's fabric choices.

Thank you Leslie!

Two more for Cindy for her total of seven
 This is a quilt made by Cindy with a Linda Ballard block design
Quilted with an e2e ~ Starburst using a Signature cotton in the color Wheat
 Great fabrics and colors, set on point blocks! Good job Cindy!!!

and a quilt Cindy and Tess are known for using
The 10 minute quilt pattern...
 Completely made of squares with one folded into the seams
and pressed down for folded edges
 to form the center square on point
 Definitely a challenge to quilt down the free floating folded edges!
Not something I could do on my previous SOB (some other brand) longarm
However, on my Innova... No problem! 
Quilted with a Geometric e2e
and the bright and cheery backing Cindy chose for this quilt. Perfect!
Thank you Cindy :0)

And to wrap up the week, a quilt for Linda E
A baby quilt made with flannels...
for a baby boy. We thought the Friendship Stars and Pinwheels
could be propellers
so it is quilted with the Airplane e2e
because it needed those propellers!
Wonderful piecing! Thank you Linda :0)

Have a great weekend
Tot Ziens
(RU picking up any Dutch yet? :0) Jo

Friday, January 9, 2015

Home safe

Very happy to be home safe. Thankfully we had a few frozen items in the frig for a meal. Neither one of us was willing to get back into the car, not even for a quick trip to the store. The only reason I would have hopped into my truck would have been to pick up Crystal at Chris' home, my son, who always took care of her while we were away. It's tough. I've said goodbye to many dogs, Crystal has been the hardest by far, for both of us. 

The highlight on the last day of our journey home was a stop at a quilt store in Fernley, Nevada. It's on alternate 95, our usual route thru Nevada on our way to Texas. Due to our late starts in the mornings to avoid icy roads with an extra day of travel, the store was open this trip and we stopped in. Wonderful store because... I found they carry a great selection for Civil War repros! Barbara Brackman, Betsy Chutchian, Paula Barnes and Judy Rothermel were most of the designers they carry. I was surprised not to see any Jo Morton, they said they would look that :0)
as well as a large selection of batiks and hand dyes. A Stitch of Country is the name of the quilt store. Really nice folks. They have a wonderful classroom, longarm and embroidery services, with an APQS on site. We had the opportunity to meet Kathy, who operates and does all of their long arming hand guided. It was a great visit and of course they were happy that I purchased (way too much) fabric!

Time to get back to quilting

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Winter Wonderland in Texas

We spent the holidays in Texas
Christmas with family in the Austin area
and New Year's in East Texas with friends from Houston

Our return was delayed by weather and time for snow plows to clear
frozen highways in Northwest Texas and New Mexico

 Close to Lubbock we passed overturned vehicles,
cars and trucks entangled in guard rails on the side of the highway.
 Roads were still icy as we drove thru Farwell, Texas
into New Mexico.
Below freezing temps and snow on the ground thru most of New Mexico.
Conditions were dry as we drove thru Arizona with snow in Flagstaff

and this evening blogging from Nevada
Happy to be in temps that are above freezing
and almost home! 

Tot ziens (Until then)
Looking forward to 2015

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