Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vintage Quilts in May & June

Post of a few of the quilts completed in May and June. This top was brought in by Cindy, top was made by a late friend, also a longarm quilter she made with a Linda Ballard pattern. Iced with a quilting design of pinwheels, Cindy's favorite block to make this quilt her own.  

More pix... the following quilts are tops made in the 1930's. This top was brought in by Bonnie and is a fund raiser for a local organization. Made with 1930's fabrics, no repros here...
Bonnie requested a daisey quilting design that looked like many of the 30's prints. The blocks are very different with set in Y seams and were machine pieced. Well done and great fabrics!

Another top brought in to Honey Run Quilter's by Tava. Made by a family member, Tava's grand mother, also in and with 1930's fabrics. This is the familiar hexie pattern, Grandmother's Flower Garden. Quilted with feathers in a swirl design and a diamond on the alternating blocks...
Love these colors... and they match Tava's room. It was meant to be

and one more also made by a member in Tava's family with a multitude of fabrics and colors from decades ago... this top is now quilted for Tava's grand daughter Leslie.
Leslie picked the backing fabric, a traditional color for the 1930's, great choice.
Quilted with Summer Buzz, a fun pattern with bugs and flowers. Great fabrics here too... as scrappy happy as it gets!

More finished tops to be posted, for Beckie and Donna and Betty and more, another day. Very happy to almost be caught up. June started out with almost a dozen quilts promised for May in addition to the quilts already promised in June. Tomorrow is the last day of June, with only two quilts promised for June left to be finished, it's good to make progress. Thank you again to my wonderful customers for your patience. 

Just a reminder, turn around for new tops is currently October, altho that is subject to change. Call for current info. Thank you, Jo 

Have a great week. 
Stay cool, we are in for triple digits here in the North Valley

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Where to start?

Working weekends to catch up plus a family event, I took a break from blogging. Making progress both with completing quilts and getting the bugs worked out of the new longarm system. Had a terrible time with thread shredding, very frustrating. It was a combination of several different things and it was a challenge to get dialed in. Completely different from my SOB (some other brand) longarm.
Michael, owner and the M in ABM, manufacturer of Innova called me and helped allot. He knows longarm machines inside and out. I read that he will be teaching a class at Birds of a Feather in 2015

Auto Pilot is so different from my SOB as well. I have learned lots of tricks and 'get arounds' to make the system work for me. An upgrade is still in the works, July is what I am told and I am looking forward to that. The up side is that it is an amazing system and once I get me and it all dialed in it will be wonderful! A word of advice to anyone thinking of changing systems, if you do custom work, give yourself more than 30 days to get up and running! Pantos are a breeze especially with the new e2e function (that works) plus I found several ways to do them on Auto Pilot to get rid of that repeat look.

Thursday I spent most of the day in Yuba City at the Sew So Shop/Innova dealership. Picked up some different thread guides, a plate to fix my left handle and sat in on a class Jim was doing a demo on pantos with a handful of new Innova owners and we shared some pointers. 

On the home front, posted about Bobbe and her quilt on Ramblin' Rows this morning. She is making good progress following a serious auto accident. JJ, Jennifer and the kids were also in the car. Added to everything, there has been a change regarding another longarmer at Honey Run Quilters and as a result, I am getting more calls requesting longarm quilting services. Judy J always says to me "Be careful what you wish for" :0) 

FYI, anyone checking on my lead time... currently my turn around time is in October. If you are planning any quilts for Christmas, best to get on the list now :0)

I will post more pix next week of quilts completed since my last post. For now...
Theresa's Starlight made with Paris and travel fabrics
Sample quilt for Honey Run Quilters

Theresa is the best at putting fabrics together!
Quilted on the Innova, very dense and lots of fun
Swirls, Pearls & Stars
It's actually a fill that I stitched out as a panto

Sample quilt back

 Enjoy your Sunday, I am taking a much needed day off :0)
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