Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Three for Leslie

Leslie brought in three quilts in the Fall to be quilted for the holidays 
This one was gifted to a family member at Christmas 

Leslie loves to work with 30's fabrics :0) 

Blue backing, same fabric as the cornerstones. 

Second quilt pieced by Leslie quilted with a custom e2e set up :0) 

Number three below with a little different layout 
this one the nine patch is straight set while the one above is set on point. 

The blocks for the last two are the same all in 30's fabrics. 
I used a number of different designs, some I came up with. 
All of the feather designs are from One Song Needle Arts via Digi-Tech.

The beginning stitch out of the first quilt for Leslie that was done custom. 
Thank you Leslie! 

I am headed for Road to California to spend all four days at the show! 
Hope to see some friendly faces there. I will be in Innova's booth 826
answering questions and playing on the longarms!
Studio will be closed until next week Wednesday, the 25th.
Michael will be here making sure nothing floats away 
and holding down the fort with the next storm system coming in :0)
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sandy and Phoebe, Scrap Happy Beauties

The unexpected loss of our quilting friend just before the holidays really knocked the stuffing out of many of us. I know I did more quilts for Sandy but not finding the file this evening with the exception of the Library Quilt. Didn't post allot of pix during December because I knew many of these beauties were intended as Christmas gifts including this quilt. The downside of waiting to post pix... is finding the photo files. Just like everything else in my life... chaos that needs organizing!!!  😞

Sandy's Library Quilt

 Custom quilted with lots of fun ruler work. This was fun quilting to do for Sandy! 
Added a little steam coming off the coffee cup :0) 
The recipient of this quilt also loves Monopoly 
plus Sandy added DVDs and book set favorites. 

Love how Sandy made this scrappy ;0) 

and this is Star Blossoms for Phoebe... 
Scrappy as well! 
I know exactly what book this came from... Scrap-Basket Beauties 
by Kim Brackett. This quilt in the book is named Star Blossoms 
and I absolutely love how Phoebe did it in Kaffe. Well done Phoebe!!!
This book was one of Goldie's favorites 💖

 Custom quilting with a block design

Phoebe always picks a backing that's just as fun as the top! 👍

Thank you ladies... you are THE BEST! 
Tot ziens, Jo

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A New Year's Resolution

A resolution I can keep! 

Thoroughly enjoyed the time off over the holidays. 
Quilted a few of my own quilts 🙌
Getting back in gear! 

It's going to be an interesting new year 
Tot Ziens, Jo

Friday, December 16, 2016

Season's Greetings!

Happy to report all quilts promised for Christmas giving are complete and picked up!
as of today... and no, I am not taking any last minute requests!...
I have more quilts to finish before the end of the year, 3 custom quilts that have been set aside for far too long plus a second French Braid for Beckie, quilts for Sewmates and one of my own :0)

Not posting pix on purpose for two reasons... since many of the quilts recently completed are for gift giving and many of my customers share my blog with pix of their quilts with family, just making sure no one gets a peek of what may be under the tree this year :0) and second... it's all I can do to keep up with quilting. I love blogging however, it does take up allot of time.
Speaking of gift giving, I completed a quilt for my son who is celebrating his birthday today. Happy Birthday Scribs!!! He is out of town on business so he won't see it until tomorrow so I will have lots of quilts to share soon. 
Meanwhile... hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Season
 celebrating the traditions of your faith.
Tot ziens, Jo

Monday, November 7, 2016

Judy's Pinwheels

Judy's Pinwheel quilt hanging between the bars of my Innova

Bright crisp color against a white background 
and a simple but effective layout creating an inner border

A good example of an e2e lined up with the blocks of a quilt 
using Marci Gore's Orange Peel e2e

Batting is one that Judy likes to use... Quilter's Dream Puff 
A mid weight poly with lots of loft! 
A good alternative for customers that are not comfortable with wool. 

Thread is Omni's Bright White 

Thank you Judy! 

Quilted and picked up last week. Judy also shared the quilt she made 
in Don Linn's class at our guild's meeting last week with Don as our guest speaker. 
I took his curved piecing workshop on Friday and learned allot. 
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, November 4, 2016

Donna's Linda Ballard quilt plus a few more...

You Need a Rita! ~ pattern and another workshop by Linda Ballard 
This is Donna's quilt

Cool colors in brown/gray and teal prints

Donna and I both attended this workshop with Linda Ballard.
My top is finished however, not quilted! 

Donna's quilt is
quilted with Quilter's Dream Wool batting 
  Kim Diamond digital pattern 
with an Omni thread in teal. 

Thank you Donna

A couple more to catch up on that I don't believe pix were posted...

Another quilt for Tina 

And a bargello for Goldie. I may have posted this one, 
however am thinking of Goldie as she has not been feeling well. 
Get better soon Goldie, your girls miss you!!! 

Enjoy the weekend 
and don't forget to Fall Back on Sunday! 
Tot ziens, Jo

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