Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pam's Pacific Crest

Pacific Crest 
made by Pam B 
 plus Kaffe Fassett and silks added
Gorgeous fabrics and a great pattern from John's book Beyond Neutral  

 Flock Together fabrics

 Kaffe and silk sparrows. The background fabric is also a Kaffe

 Love the backing  too!!!
Pam pieced together Kathy's fabric with Grunge for the backing...

Quilting design is Quill 
A feather design that worked well with the fabrics! 
Top is quilted with a Fantastico thread with an Omni on the back in Indian Paintbrush 
my favorite red thread :0) Batting is Quilters Dream Cotton Deluxe

 Honey Run Quilters is putting the fabrics Pam selected together as a kit 
and will be available at Pacific International Quilt Festival
and the shop soon! Also signed copies of John's book Beyond Neutral
Pam's quilt will be traveling to PIQF as a sample quilt at Honey Run Quilters booth

Thank you Pam, you are the bestest! 
 Enjoy your Sunday
Tot Ziens, Jo

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

4 for Carol!

Carol is the queen of "Gwennie" style free form piecing! 

Quilted with Humming Birds 
using a blue variegated SoFine 40 thread by, of course, Superior  

All four of these quilts are made from scraps from Carol's mother. There are orphan blocks and cut off pieces from quilts Carol's mom made through out her life. Carol combines them with her mom's stash plus fabric from her own collection, many from Hawaii :0) She has been working on this for some time and I've had the pleasure of quilting several. If you click on Carol F from the Search by Customer box on my sidebar, all of the blog posts with quilts Carol made will come up :0) Her goal is to give each of these quilts to family members, very cool!!!

Each one is quilted with different threads, this one with a coral Omni 
quilted with Quilter's Dream Pink batting

 Love all the borders Carol added to this one!
and her backings are often pieced as well! 
This one has some of those Hawaiian fabrics.

A third... love how Carol changes up each of these quilts 
with all sorts of borer treatments and free form layouts!

This one backed with the same blue fabric as the first

And one more for four...
with similar fabrics as the first one with all pinwheel orphan blocks

btw all are quilted with the same Humming Bird design 
at Carols request because hummers were her mom's favorite bird :0)

Thank you Carol, you are awesome!!! 

Up early today, finished a quilt for Linda D, pix another day :0)
Stopped for breakfast and a blog break and now it's back to quilting 
before it gets too hot... again... 
we are going back into triple digits this week and next :0( 
That's Chico summers and THIS is the last summer I am quilting full time! 
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, August 5, 2016

Two for Tina

First of two quilts made by Tina B 
Great fabrics, especially the setting triangles 
Tina used to make this nine patch set on point. 

Quilted with a new design from Anne Bright 
Bee Haven (Love the name too!)  
Quilted with the repeat of the Cone Flower and a bee in each of the background squares!
I love to do custom e2e :0) 

Thread is Omni in Green Olive from Superior 
quilted on Quilter's Dream Machine Blend 
Love the floral fabric! 

A custom e2e for the second quilt as well... 
This purple Pluses quilt is a better example of how cool a custom e2e can be set up!

Tina made this quilt scrappy
reversing the values is always a great effect :0) 

This one is also quilted with a design from Anne Bright 
This is Echo b2b
and a better example of how an e2e or b2b can be used in blocks
for a custom look without all the starts and stops! Yea!!! 
First time I tried out this design was on a quilt made by Claudia ~ link

Quilted with a purple Omni named Royalty 
Batting is a newer cotton from Quilter's Dream 
This is Deluxe, which is a little thicker than Select 
and a really nice alternative to W&N 

Bordered with a Grunge (love :0) as well as the backing.
I was able to trim the quilting design and use it in the border, worked great! 

Thank you Tina! 

More quilts were finished for Carol and Kelly 
Thankful for the cooler weather ! 

Enjoy your weekend 
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, July 29, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

With the way too too hot triple digits this week
other than a few hours in the mornings the studio is closed! 
90 degrees IN the studio is too hot for me and the computer !!! 
Sorry, no quilts were harmed or quilted this week

Longarm quilting has been put on ice! 
Stay cool, next week's forecast is back in the 'cool' 90s 
Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Modern yet traditional for Dorrie

A Modern Maple Leaf quilt 
Made with large HST blocks which make up four maple leaves. 

We decided that the quilting needed to reflect the same... traditional yet modern. 
Sew the quilting has straight line combined with feathers 
split between the HSTs as well as the solid blocks. 

The feathers came together in a nice mirrored design in the center of the quilt 
which was one of our goals for this quilt.  
I also quilted the feathers on all of the edges of the quilt 
to create a scallop effect. It worked out great!

Great fabrics! 

A second quilt for Dorrie...

This quilt is made from a Jaybird pattern named Hugs & Kisses 

This quilt has a very different feel with a soft pallet of fabrics in pinks. 
Mostly prints with roses so...

this one is quilted with Zen Roses
Pink thread, wool batting and a pink backing.


A very sweet romantic quilt 
Thank you Dorrie! 

Dorrie and I took the same classes at Sister's this month 
for A Quilter's Affair. We had so much fun. Both classes were wonderful! 
One with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickle Studios and another from 
John Q. Adams aka Quilt Daddy

More on the quilts we made later :0) 
Enjoy your weekend 
Stay cool! Tot ziens, Jo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Custom for Janie using new longarm tools!

Janie made this cute little applique quilt

With lots of little HSTs! Great fabric choices and color :0)

Simply quilted with Garden Party in the borders and corner stones. 
Scrolls added in the sashing and cross hatch with outlining in the blocks.  
Love the loft with wool batting from Quilter's Dream :0) 
Threads are from Superior.

Got a chance to use my new crosshatch ruler for this quilt 
as well as for Judy's applique quilt.

The ruler is attached to a new dead bar with a groove in it 
so I can move the ruler from side to side.
And... my zero center tape fits on it!!! Yea

Here the angle is set at 45 degrees. There are more options. 
It's really nice and stable to have the long ruler that is anchored at the dead bar 
and long enough to rest on the belly bar. 

Here you can see my new extension bars as well! These are the new ones from Innova 
that have the power buttons added to each handle. Big improvement over using 
my mountain bike climbing handle bars!!! 

It's good to have new toys tools :0) 

Thank you Janie 
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, July 15, 2016

Back to Quilting

Back from Sisters. A Quilter's Affair was so much fun taking classes from John Q. Adams aka Quilt Dad and a second with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickle Studios. Actually finished Pacific Crest to a flimsy, the quilt from John's class before leaving Sisters. Working on Painted Forest from Scott's class. What a fun quilt! Both of them were so much fun to meet!

Also met Lori of Humble Quilts on Friday at the high school during our lunch break. There is a pic of the two of us on her blog post here. That was fun! Sadly, didn't see each other at the show. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was amazing. I have lots of pix to share along with quilts made in classes, will post them on my personal blog Ramblin' Rows

Meanwhile it's back to work this week! Almost finished is Judy J's quilt pictured above. The 2015 BOM for The Quilt Show. Will be completed by end of day and then it's off to Good Times Weekend! Three of us are starting Gypsy Wife, it's going to be girl time!

Enjoy your weekend!
Tot Ziens, Jo
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