Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Galveston Texas

Back home after three weeks in Texas, the last two weeks on Galveston Island. Not the best weather or news events but we had a good time. Michael is still there, spending a few more weeks fishing with his best friend Michael. They grew up together in Houston and spend allot of time on the island.

We spent one day in downtown Galveston visiting the Victorian houses and the tree carvings. After Hurricane Ike, many of the old Live Oak trees were lost due to the salt water from the storm surge. Some of them were carved into mermaids, dolphin, Blue Heron and more....

Highlights were relaxing, fishing, visiting Michael's family, friends and antique shops from Dallas to Galveston. Our first visit was Dallas with Sue, Michael's sister. Then to Georgetown to visit Michael's dad, Dan and Georgine, sister Dianne, nieces Jennifer and Amanda and their families including a new baby :0)

Downtown Georgetown was fun with the Poppy Festival just starting. I found some Delft and a quilt in one of the antique shops. Stopped by a quilt shop I always visit but was very disappointed. There was a shop on the square with goods made by local needle artists. I had a great time talking with them. Then off to Houston. We stopped in Elgin for a thrift shop where we always find something wonderful. Now there are several antique shops. Downside was that the thrift shop was cleared of anything wonderful however, I did find one piece of Delft in one of the shops but not at a thrift store price! Then on to La Grange and visited the Texas Quilt Museum. Wish I could share some photos however they did not allow it :0( The exhibition was of 19th century quilts, mostly applique... you all would love it! Next to the museum is a WONDERFUL quilt shop... The Quilted Skein... lots of repros!!!

Visits along the way with Michael's friends, Ron and Connie, and then in Houston, Michael and Wendy, Michael's shop and The Guild, a wonderful thrift/consignment shop. I always find Delft there and this trip was no exception. This visit was mostly Delft tiles. Then on to Galveston where the 'vacation' part of our trip began ;0) We fished, Michael took us out on his boat often, one day we were surrounded by at least nine or more Dolphin in the back bay. It was wonderful. We spent another whole day downtown at The Strand and antique shops. I found a wonderful very old piece of Delft. That came back with me on the plane in my carry on along with some of the repro fabrics. The remaining finds are packed in the car and will return from Texas with Michael. Meanwhile, I have lots to catch up on here at home from yard work to blogs to quilting! It's good to be home, have a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

A vintage hand pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made by a family member, 65 x 90, approx a twin size made in the early 1940s. These are the real deal! 
This is the quilt loaded on my longarm as I begin the quilting.   

After quilting the block design in the flower,  I added a 1/4 inch stitch in the yellow center.  
 Next was a 1/4 inch stitch around each of the flowers.
 A few of them were 'almost' fussy cut hexies like the blue and white one in the lower right.
Here it is with the quilting finished. Altho is would have been wonderful hand quilted, it has a nice period look, IMHO.

It was a nice finish to my work week. Today I spent the day getting ready for a road trip and a much needed get away. This evening I packed up some hand work and a good book. I'm ready to roll! Will check in along the way when I can. Once I reach my destination... no internet! Oh no!!!  lol

See you on the flip side :0) Meantime here is a second little poem from The Cheerful Cherub by Rebecca McCann...
I made the nicest kiss I could
And blew it to the moon so far,
And then I watched the empty sky
And pop --- out came a little star!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The amazing stitch eraser!

This was on The Quilt Show on April 1st!!! Here it is on You Tube... it's way too funny!

Alex Anderson is great! Love her :0)
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