Friday, March 20, 2015

A Quilter's Mixology

Wonderful perfect curved piecing by Linda D
from a quilt in A Quilter's Mixology
by Angela Pingel

We both zeroed in on this quilting design
Mid-Century by Patricia Ritter
I changed it up a little for Linda's quilt by elongating the design and making the circles oval instead of perfectly round. Quilted with Superior's So Fine #50 thread in a medium gray. Just the right value to add texture to Linda's quilt but not interfere with the prints and graphic nature of this quilt. Batting is Quilter's Dream Blend. I recently tried So Fine #50 and like it much better than Bottomline. Both have their advantages, the latter if you want the thread to disappear the most, it's as thin as hair! 

It curves at the bottom only because of how it is hanging here.
Linda's plans for this quilt is a wall hanging in her living room. I was very careful with the direction of the warp in the backing and batting to make sure this will hang nicely :0)
Yes, most batting has a warp just like fabric as well as a front and back!

Kelly fell in love with this top when Linda brought it into Honey Run Quilters for backing, which I just discovered I forgot to take pix of, will have to add that.
Added is a pic of Linda's quilt with the backing folded over the top...

It's a great fabric, perfect for this quilt. If you are interested in the book, Kelly ordered it and it will be IS available at Honey Run. Linda's top has some of the same fabrics, from Moda's Persimmon from Basic Grey that Kelly used in The Big Wedding quilt she made. This is Kelly's quilt hanging up at the store...
completed with binding. Kelly does the best binding!
If you are looking for someone to bind your quilt, Kelly is your go to person!
Looking forward to seeing Kelly's next quilt and it will be a class at Honey Run!

Thank you Linda :0)
Make the time to take some stitches because...
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb
Enjoy your weekend, tot ziens, Jo

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scrappy Kaffe!

Three quilts for Cheryl are quilted and ready for trimming. Cheryl loves Kaffe Fassett prints and has been using them for some time. She used lots of her scraps to make these guys... 
Wonderful way to make a scrappy Kaffe!
Quilted with a modern geometric design ~ Mid Century by Patricia Ritter. I followed the flow of the triangles to line up to the flow of the circles in the quilting. Lots of circles on the back too. Quilted with two Fantastico variegated threads (love!) Rainbow on the front and a pink to coral variegated on the back, with Quilter's Dream Blend batting.

More printelicious fabrics...

 Another fun scrappy quilt Cheryl made with one of Theresa Wright's patterns
 Quilted with a new to me pattern with lots of swirl and pearls
Rapunzel is a design by Anne Bright
 Quilted with three different Fantastico threads from Superior :0) Fun
and the wonderful backing! Yumm

The third is a great mix of color and fabrics. The deep gold, magenta and dark brown all played well together. I had the perfect Fantastico variegated magenta thread but opted for an Omni thread ~ Vanilla Wafer. There was so much print going on, a dark thread would have only gotten in the way! The gold thread was only quilted in the center field. In the dark brown border I used a light variegated thread, Lava, another thread from Superior. It's a thread they are discontinuing. It takes a larger needle for the 3 ply and a bit of fussing with the tension but it was well worth it! Love my Innova!

Quilting design in the center field is Quill b2b, also from Anne Bright
 and a border design ~ Quill with Flower that is part of a set 
(there are 4 different borders designed to frame her Quill b2b)

 The two fabric backing is folded against the front altho hard to see. 
There are allot of prints going on in this beauty!

Thank you Cheryl!

Make the time to take some stitches because...
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb
Tot ziens, Jo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Big stars made by Alice

Two of last week's quilted finishes...
Big stars made by Alice
Two quilts, both large... 104 x 104 made with panels cut into diamonds and pieced by Alice into stars. Mostly oriental fabrics, these panels are birds. Love how the birds in the center of the 8 panel creates the swirl and great kaleidoscope effect all the way into the center of the star. There was allot of gold in the prints so both of these quilts were quilted with a gold Glide. 
 Close up of the birds
and the center

Quilting design is Seaweed by Anne Bright

Alice's second star is made with 8 Japanese Geisha Girl panels
She is holding string instruments and surrounded by flowers. Quilted with a floral design by Sweet Dream Studios stitched with the gold Glide thread on more gold print oriental fabrics that Alice used to make this quilt. Both are quilted with Quilter's Dream Puff Poly. A nice alternative to wool if you prefer a polyester bat, it has the same nice loft.

Enjoy your week
Make the time to take some stitches because...
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb
Tot ziens, Jo

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Merry good week!

All of the quilting on Karen's Merry Merry Snowmen is complete. Seven of the quilts that are on my March list came in last week, five of them are quilted this week. Yea!

A few close ups of the Snowmen

Embellishments for eyes will be added by Karen and Dottye later.
Quilting around the embroidered details was enough of a challenge ;0)

There is even a cute Snowman truck!
Most of the quilting followed how the original quilt was quilted as requested by the quilt's maker. All Omni threads from Superior were used in this quilt. Light tan, Maple, Indian Paintbrush and Black worked really well with the French General fabrics. Wool batting for just the right loft. I really had fun quilting this quilt!

Adjusting to the time change, the day seems to go by faster or is over sooner! Spring is on it's way, flowers bursting and new leaves so bright green on brown branches. Love the nice warm days and opening windows for fresh air. Enjoy your weekend in the season you are in. I am off to work on some UFOs and a new quilt project. Make the time to take some stitches!
Tot Ziens, Jo
 A little Spring added to my Juki

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Merry Merry Snowmen

Most of my week has been spent on Merry Merry Snowmen
The first of two quilts made by two friends, Dottye and Karen

A few designs I came up with, however, most were followed from the original quilt by Bunny Hill Designs as requested by Dottye and Karen :0)

Quilted with 4 different Omni thread colors ~ Maple, Indian Paintbrush (red), Black and Light Tan. Perfect colors for the French General fabrics. Wool batting to give it lots of loft and definition which worked well with the layers of fusible.
Very fun quilt to work on and I get to do it again!
Love my Innova!!!

Be sure to change your clocks tonight

Enjoy your weekend
Make the time to take some stitches because...
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

Tot ziens, Jo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Retreating

... that's what most of the the states are longing for however, here in California, we are entering another year of drought. Springtime looks as if it's already here with many of our trees in bloom. The Star Magnolia is almost finished with new leaves emerging and the Red Bud are so pretty in pink. 

Blogging is frustrating with 80% of my blog comments bouncing. Why does blogger bounce google? Anyone know how to fix this? I do spend time reading tho, especially early mornings such as this. So much quilting eye candy!

Enjoy your Sunday. Make the time to take some stitches :) Jo

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