Saturday, April 30, 2016

Modern Building Blocks

 3 Modern Building Blocks quilts have come thru my studio
First one was for Linda D and this week I quilted two more... this is Debbie's

Quilted with Woven Wind, a digital design from Apricot Moon
Thread is a Glide in Cool Grey
Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool

and this is Karen's

Quilting design is Lonestar by Kim Diamond 
We choose a variegated thread from Superior called Great Barrier Reef 
A SoFine40 with lots of teal, blue, greens and a bright lime yellow/green
Batting is Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

This shows the quilting as well as how the thread sparkled on Karen's!
and below, the sparkle of Glide on Debbie's

Love how she personalized her quilt too!

It's always so much fun to see the same pattern made sew different 
depending on fabrics and choices by each quilter :0)
Below is Linda D's Modern Building Blocks quilted with Rapunzel 

Proving that great minds think alike... check out the backings...

and this is Debbie's 
 How cool is that! I used the Cool Grey Glide on the back of Debbie's
quilt as well, it really sparkled on the Tula Pink backing fabric :0)

A couple of close ups of Karen's blocks with great fabric choices...

and a few of Debbie's... a different 
feel with the crispness of the white background fabric.

Karen has her quilt and Debbie's is quilted, trimmed and 
ready for it's binding... will be completed soon! 

I have fallen behind schedule again this month with unforeseen events, 
one being Michael's surgery. I am very happy to report that he is doing great! 
(and I won't have to mow the lawn again ;0) 
Have a wonderful weekend!
I am ready to get going on the longarm today to make up some time.
Tricky thing is time when you work in production, hard to make it up! 
Thanks for everyone's patience
Tot ziens, Jo

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snack Time and more for Linda

Linda D's quilt made in Kelly's Snack Time workshop at HRQ
Snack Time is a pattern from Jaybird Quilts

Julie has a number of patterns published now and is doing quite well. 
A bunch of us quilters have done and are making a few of them 
plus purchasing her specialty rulers... LOVE the Hex and More!
"helping fund her retirement" says Barbara (have to agree!) lol
I recently did a Pinterest search and found a pattern I purchased years ago that is from Jaybird called Taffy, so apparently I've been contributing for quite some time!

Great Kaffe fabrics! and the backing is perfect!!!
Well done Linda :0)
Thank you

Quilted with a design called Wild Cherries 
Thread is a variegated SoFine40 from Superior
with a Omni thread called Wintergreen for the back.  
Batting is a newer 100% cotton from Quilter's Dream
Cotton Deluxe. Love it! Again, really good alternative to W&N
note: it really IS 100% cotton! If you check out the fiber contents of Hobbs Cotton and
Warm & Natural you will find that both of their cotton bats have poly blended in.

I love how Linda combined her fabrics for her version 
of Snack Time ~ nicknamed Cheerios! 

Linda also made Modern Building Blocks which I quilted earlier this year. 
(pictured below) also a workshop with Kelly


Today I finished another Modern Building Blocks for Karen G
and about to start a third one for Debbie D 
pix soon
plus one more in the works by Fran

Kelly's workshops @ HRQ are pretty awesome! 
So far it's been Modern Building Blocks, Ripple, Snack Time

This is Linda's Ripple quilted with Celtic Knot
set up as a custom e2e in each of the blocks ~ blog post 

and we are two blocks into Toes in the Sand.
come join us or...
Rumor has it we may do Gravity next, altho
Sweet Tooth is looking pretty good too!!!
How about making a Tuffet? New to quilting?
Terri is teaching some great beginner quilt classes all the way to binding
Debbie teaches Free Motion Quilting
Janet has some great workshops planned on clothing construction
Goldie's sew days, lots of fun stuff! Class schedule

Thank you ladies!!!
Tot ziens, Jo

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cat Lady Quilt

Cat Lady Quilt made by Pam B

How cute is this! Pam pulled together several fabrics from the 
also the designer of the pattern.
 Fabrics and pattern are available at Honey Run Quilters :0)
update, the pattern in FREE and you can download it from here
 This sample quilt is up at the store. Come by for a look, but don't wait too long, 
this quilt will be traveling to shows and is going to Sister's in July!
 The quilt has already traveled to a show in Redding

Honey Run Quilter's booth set up in Redding this weekend
It will be back in the store soon and then it goes to Sisters
Pam has it posted on her blog as well :0)

btw, if you click on the link for HRQ's Facebook page you will also see
 some of the new Kaffe fabrics that Kelly just put up on the shelves.
 30 new bolts!!!  

Some close ups of Pam's Cat Lady Quilt...

Quilted with Mid-Century Modern only in the background.
The appliqued cats are outlined plus some 1/4 inch stitching.
I added some wool batting behind the balls of yarn
as well as the cat's embroidered faces for a little dimension.

HRQ had the purrfect fabric that Pam choose for the backing!
Well done!!! Thank you Pam :0)

Studio is open again. Micheal is making great progress each day. Last night I was out at Honey Run for Kelly's Toes in the Sand BOM. Felt really good to get in some girl time working on a quilt project! Back to work on the longarm with some catching up to do because Mach 3 is out and I can't wait to get that loaded onto my system! 

Tot ziens, Jo

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Warm Bear Hugs!

 Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers
Micheal is home and doing fine

update... it's 5:30 pm Saturday and Michael is doing really well. 
No pain meds today, 
he is eating small amounts of no fat no spice no fun foods 
and watching *:(tv) tv.  We take short walks.
Michael is using Mom's walker until he is a little steadier on his feet (Very sexy! ;) Not!
 *=)) rolling on the floor however, there is some entertainment value! 

Seriously, great news, especially following our concerns post op yesterday. wahoo!  
Love & hugs, Jo

Also got word yesterday that the new Mach 3 has been released for Auto Pilot! Oh boy, new software to explore! Another day, for now it's getting Micheal healed and then back to customer quilts. This summer will be the time I have set aside for new upgrades to my longarm system, both the software as well as add ons to my frame. 

Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Studio will be closed Friday

Studio closed Friday April 15th

Michael is scheduled for an outpatient surgery tomorrow
and I will be spending the day with him.
Text if necessary, I will check in when I am able. 
NO drop ins please!
Thank you, Jo

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Innova Video: Proper Bobbin Winding and Tension

Periodically Innova posts new YouTubes that are helpful to Innova owners and at times for other longarm machine owners as well. In the spirit of sharing information and ideas with other longarmers, I plan to share them on my blog. Welcome Wednesday! Jo

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kelly's Houses

The Red Door made by Kelly K
Pattern is by Bella Nonna Design Studio

Kelly used Shibori fabrics by Anthology, available at Honey Run Quilters
with a graphite for the background

 Quilted with a black to grey Fantastico thread from Superior Threads 
Batting is a new 100% cotton batting from Quilter's Dream 
Deluxe which has a little more loft compared to Select 
It's soft with a nice drape and great to quilt on! 
A really good alternative to Warm and Natural!!! I like it allot!

The design we choose for quilting is Woodland Path
by Apricot Moon. A great design for texture
Love how the light greys in the variegated thread sparkle on the background.
Good choices all around :0) Thank you Kelly! 

Enjoy your Sunday
Tot ziens, Jo

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quilting for Carol

Carol is busy using up her stash and scraps. She started last year.
Here are four that I've quilted for her so far this year, there are more in the works!

Starting off with this quilt, love the colors and prints!

Carol is really good at combining fabrics with a great sense of color. 
Check out the backing too!

How fun is that with all of the animal prints!?!

Quilted with humming birds and leaves 
to go with the theme of the prints 
 and for the recipient of this quilt who loves hummers :0)

Another, this one made with Hawaiian floral prints 
Carol brings back fabrics she finds in Hawaii!

Quilted with a floral design from Anne Bright called Jamaica.
Hibiscus would have been perfect as well except we did that on a quilt
Carol made last year with her Hawaiian prints. 

Below is a quilt Carol made in a Linda Ballard workshop at HRQ

Quilted with a design set from Intelligent Quilting called Sunflower Spiral. 
I centered the block design over the slices
 and then did something a little different in the borders, 
'slicing' off some of the design.

Notice that tiny thin inner border, beautiful! Great batiks too

plus one more this year that was quilted with a Pearl Feathers set
 from Anne Bright

 Great feather border design!
The pieced backing was just as much fun...

Here you can see the stop border that was added to the dark inner border

Thank you Carol! Looking forward seeing the next ones :0)

To see more of Carol's quilts tap/click Carol F in the 'Search by Quilter' box located on the sidebar. Sadly, with mobile viewing, no side bar however, you can always use the blogger search box and type in her name. All of the blog posts with her quilts will come up. You can also look up specific quilting designs as well and see how they look quilted on a quilt. 

Tot ziens, Jo

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tina's Bargello

Bargello made by Tina

Great batiks and color choices. Quilted with Fantastico variegated thread in teals by Superior Threads. Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool. 

Quilting design is New Wave

and it's reversible! This is the back of the quilt pieced from the scraps from the top...

Isn't it great!?!

Gorgeous quilt Tina! Thank you :0)

I took a pic of the backing loaded on the longarm, it felt so weird!

 Even Micheal walked in my studio and questioned what I was doing loading a quilt top first! See, he does pay attention! That's my guy :0) 

Having the best weekend at Goldie's Good Times Weekend. An entire weekend of quilting with a classroom full of quilters at Honey Run Quilters at Cathy's Sew & Vac. Most of us are working on UFOs, today I finished a top I started last year at a Linda Ballard workshop. Yea! Tomorrow is show and tell, pix will be posted on my blog Ramblin' Rose.

Enjoy your weekend, 
tot ziens, Jo

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