Thursday, November 27, 2014

Beckie's Birds

Two quilts for Beckie
A Convergence Quilt in Teal Blues
 Quilted in my 'custom e2e' layout
using Williamsburg from Sweet Dreams,
a wool batting and Fantastico variegated thread
The back of the quilt

This week I finished another custom e2e 
quilted on one of Sandy's scrappy quilts
I love my Innova!

Beckie's Birds

Quilted with Little Tweet!
also a design by Kim Diamond at Sweet Dreams
 Beautiful fabrics, the floral fabric above is the backing
I added a Pearl border in the 2 inch stripe outer border
Beckie added to her quilt with perfect little fussy cut cornerstones :0)
Thank you Beckie

Thankful for wonderful quilting friends

There is a Season

A beautiful wall hanging by Joyce
Hand embroidered and pieced in churn dash blocks
Each reflecting images of the seasons throughout the year
with the poem in the center...
'to everything 
there is a season
and a time to every purpose
under the heaven'

The cornerstones are also embroidered
with tiny wreaths, one for each of the seasons
 ...ready for quilting.

First, a day of Thanksgiving
 Best wishes for a wonderful day with family and friends!
 Many, many thanks to each of my customers,
family, friends, fellow quilters and bloggers

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 21, 2014

Swoon for Pam and Baskets for Debbie

Swooning over Pam's quilt!
This is Pam's second Swoon. Pam selected all of the fabrics and each block was made by members of her quilting group ~ Material Girls. I quilted her first last year, in the Spring. It was displayed at Sisters the following July and someone purchased it :0) Quilted on my previous longarm with a butterfly kaleidoscope design, completely different from this one. What a pleasure quilting Pam's new Swoon on my Innova longarm. Such a difference!

The beginning of the stitch out, LOVE my Innova! Quilted with specific designs for the 26 inch Swoon blocks with motifs to fit each of the shapes including a 'pebbles in a pod' design in the diamonds. Below is the secondary design that fills the shapes and sashing in between each of the blocks.
As well as the negative space which forms a block in the corners of each Swoon. Quilted with a Glide thread in the color Viking (who comes up with color names?!) and a wool batting, layered with a thin cotton batting under the wool for stability. Love the loft of the wool! It's so much fun to quilt on :0) Digital designs are from Sweet Dreams Studio
Below is Pam's gorgeous voile backing fabric!
(more pix at the bottom of this post)
Thank you Pam

Baskets for Debbie,
also a longarm quilter. This quilt is too large to fit her longarm frame, she added a berry fabric to three sides to hang down the sides and custom fit her bed. Debbie is a very talented longarmer in her own rite, it was an honor that she asked me to quilt for her...
Quilted with an e2e ~ Williamsburg
using a Glide thread in Sand (gold)
Also with wool batting

Here are the sides with the berry fabric
Love the colors and fabrics!
and a close up of the baskets... 
and the two backing fabrics

Thank you Debbie!

I even received flowers from Pam 💖
sitting on my side table next to my longarm while I work in my studio
So very nice, thank you Pam! 
and in the same colors of the quilt :0)

 A few more pix of the Swoon blocks
btw, Debbie is also a member of Material Girls
and make one of these blocks :0) 

A close up of the pebbles in a pod, the perfect shape for a diamond

I am finally feeling better today, that little flu bug I encountered last week had friends! A bit of a set back in my quilting schedule. I will be working tomorrow to catch up and happy to have my flowers from Pam to cheer me up! Enjoy your weekend :0)

Groetjes, Jo

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quilting for Phoebe, Sandy and Cheryl

November quilting ~ This one is pieced by Phoebe
 Very Modern!
 Love all the fabrics, all set in a white background
 Flamingo Sunset quilted with a variegated Fantastico thread
A fun digital quilting design from Anne Bright
If you look close you will see Flamingos!
The feather plume is the tail :0)
 Backing fabric is a green and white polka dot
on which I ran a different variegated Fantastico thread of green and white
Fun quilt! Thank you Phoebe

One for Sandy E
Sandy's piecing is absolutely perfect!
Beautiful fabrics in rose prints
 Quilted with a new pattern from Donna at One Song Needle Arts
This one is called Zen Roses
  Here it is on the rose print backing. Love the coverage,
soft lines and the roses are beautiful
This pattern is the perfect replacement for another rose design
that I loved to run on the Statler, however, that designer chooses
not to offer her designs in a format that will work on Auto Pilot.
Thank you Donna at One Song for going to Digi-Tech! 

Phoebe and Sandy are 'regulars' at Goldie's sew days
along with Kathy T, Judy P, Karen, Lauren and many more
Often I meet with them there.
Seeing how much fun they have, I joined in and spent the day with
The Goldie Girls!
We had the best day while I worked on Amaretto Cottage
They meet at Honey Run Quilters in Cathy's classroom, Chico, CA :0)

A little more catch-up, two quilts for Cheryl P
also a modern style with lots of colorful batiks
quilted with a design from Sweet Dream Studios
with a Glide thread ~ Verbena

 and Cheryl's 2nd quilt...
Lots of squares of Kaffe Fassett fabrics! 
 with this absolutely drop dead gorgeous backing!
Quilted with a Kaffe Floral quilting design
with Glide threads, gold on the back and yellow on the top

Thank you to all three really good quilters :0)
I enjoy and appreciate quilting for you!

Almost finished with Pam's Swoon and Debbie's Basket quilts
Coming up on my frame next is a quilt for Beckie
This one is For the Birds! 
A good use of my design wall is to put up the next customer's quilt top while I work.
It gives me a little extra time to get to know the quilt better
and I know exactly how this one will be quilted!
With a design from Kim at Sweet Dreams Studio
Little Tweet
and yes, it has birds!
When finished will post along with pix of Beckie's previous quilt, as promised.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I, for one, have a flu bug and am a little 'under the weather'. Had plans to attend Sacrament's River City Quilt show tomorrow with Brandie, Karen and Lauren. Saw a few pix posted by Quilt Inspiration this evening. I will be missing a good quilt show! Went to last year's and it was really good. However, a day of rest will be good. We had some rain this week, also very good. Leaves are falling in earnest now and winter is coming. Actually it has arrived in most of the states already! How is it that time passes much too quickly these daze? Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for stopping by ;0) Groetjes, Jo

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dresden Plates, Pumpkins and more

Linda D made this beautiful Dresden Plate quilt 
Made with machine and hand applique with a gold sashing
Lots of color in 30's repros!
Great backing fabric, an Alexander Henry
Gina block is a digital quilting design from Sweet Dream Studios
A fun spiral design in the center with feather and swirl designs
quilted on the Dresden Plates
framed with a petite flower frame that complemented the 30's repro prints
and created a secondary design in the sashing and corners of the plates
Thank you Linda!

Finished in October, the second Halloween print quilt for Donna
Same prints as the first but we quilted this one very different
In place of the scull and crossbones, this one is more about the pumpkins!
 with a pumpkin border design in black thread
That spider web backing glows in the dark!
 1/4 inch outline stitches in the sashing
 and a big pumpkin with a carved face in each of the nine crazy quilt blocks.
Hard to see from a photo, it showed up really well quilted on wool batting

A few more finished and back in the hands of their creators recently...
A Photo Memory quilt made by Betty D
Pam and I love the star border Betty came up with surrounding the blocks
Quilted with a Star Banner in the outer border and SID around the blocks

This quilt is made by Melanie for her son. 
All organic cottons, cotton batting and cotton thread :0)
Quilted design is Flamingo Sunset by Anne Bright

Quilts for Delores... four of them!
Delores brings her quilts with her from Arizona
when she comes to visit her sister here in Chico!
These are Stack and Whacks! One of three, this one did not have borders
 The back of the quilt with a floral e3e quilted on Quilter's Dream Puff Poly batting
 A second, also in purples with a bright yellow and green border
 Fun to see the floral fabrics make a different kaleidoscope design in each block
Quilted with a different floral e2e, this one is called Escargot from Anne Bright

#3 in a hot pink floral fabric set in green
This one will catch someone's attention!
 Quilted with an e2e of Hibiscus flowers by Sweet Dreams

Quilt #4 for Delores was different from the first three
 Delores requested a design with borders
to make it special for a family member
We choose this floral pattern, also from Sweet Dreams
All four were quilted with Puff Poly

There are a few more but I'll save them for a new post.
One for Beckie that I just loved and had fun doing a custom design
Two finished for Cheryl P and one for Phoebe
and one with curved edges for Faye B that is in Goldie's hands for binding
I have another quilt for Beckie with the cutest birds waiting it's turn 
as well as one just finished for Debbie D, a sneak peek...
 of Debbie's baskets. Pam's Swoon is on the frame right now

Busy busy busy ~ Thank you, thank you, thank you
Love the diversity of all the quilts I get to 'frost' is amazing
Frosting, a term Mary uses
That would be Mary of Quilt Hallow, a longarmer that does amazing work
frosting (quilting) customer quilts on her longarm machine :0)
Check out her work as well

Thanks for stopping by :0)
Groetjes, Jo
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

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