Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Three for Leslie

Leslie brought in three quilts in the Fall to be quilted for the holidays 
This one was gifted to a family member at Christmas 

Leslie loves to work with 30's fabrics :0) 

Blue backing, same fabric as the cornerstones. 

Second quilt pieced by Leslie quilted with a custom e2e set up :0) 

Number three below with a little different layout 
this one the nine patch is straight set while the one above is set on point. 

The blocks for the last two are the same all in 30's fabrics. 
I used a number of different designs, some I came up with. 
All of the feather designs are from One Song Needle Arts via Digi-Tech.

The beginning stitch out of the first quilt for Leslie that was done custom. 
Thank you Leslie! 

I am headed for Road to California to spend all four days at the show! 
Hope to see some friendly faces there. I will be in Innova's booth 826
answering questions and playing on the longarms!
Studio will be closed until next week Wednesday, the 25th.
Michael will be here making sure nothing floats away 
and holding down the fort with the next storm system coming in :0)
Tot ziens, Jo


  1. It would be great to meet you after all this time, (also a quilter from Australia--but she's teaching), but I'm not planning to go this year. Also, for SD county anyway, we're getting a forecast of days of rain. Even once we remember what that is, we don't deal with it well. ;-)


  2. All 3 of these quilts are beautiful and of course so is the quilting!
    Wishing you a wonderful time at the Road to California show.
    Safe travels....


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