Longarm Pricing

Pricing information is for existing customers who keep me busy! My quilting schedule is booked for this year as I cut down my quilting hours, gearing down for retirement :0)  

If you have a quilt that just can't wait... 
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Thank you for considering Moonbear Longarm Quilting!

Pricing for longarm service fees are based on the type of quilting, 
density of the design and the size of your quilt top. 
  • Basting ~ $.0075/square inch                                 $50.00 minimum

    • Edge to Edge ~ $.02/square inch

      • Semi Custom ~ $.03/sq.inch.  Border/corner sets with a border to border design in the center field

        Custom Edge to Edge ~ $.03/square inch. 

        • Custom ~ Prices range from $.03 to $.06/sq.in 

Price includes Omni or Glide thread
Cotton, variegated and specialty threads are available at an additional price
An extra charge could also apply to thread changes  
Most pantograph, e2e or all over designs are $.02/square inch (medium density)
'Custom e2e' designs require additional set up time
and tops with high density quilting are $.03/square inch
A border to border with a border/corner set design is priced as Semi Custom

Custom prices are based on many factors including the number of designs chosen, complexity, density and the amount of quilting time. 

How to figure a per square inch price...
Example of an edge to edge for a lap sized quilt that measures 54 x 72
54 x 72 = 3888 square inches
3888 x 0.018 = $ 69.98
California sales tax does apply to longarm quilting as well as batting and thread.

Thread choices included:
Glide - a poly thread with sheen
Omni - a good quality poly from Superior Threads, designed for longarm quilting, available in 172 colors with the look of cotton
Specialty thread choices:
The new Omni-V, a variegated Omni
SoFine 40, another matte variegated thread
Signature or King Tut for cotton threads
Fantastico for a beautiful variegated trilobal poly that sparkles!
SoFine 50 for custom and SID

Batting choices include: 
Quilter's Dream 100% cotton available in Select and Deluxe
Quilter's Dream Wool (a customer fav :0)
Quilter's Dream Machine Blend
Winline's Cotton/Poly Black
All of the above are cut from 93 inch rolls 
Quilter's Dream Pink available in Queen and Twin size
Quilter's Dream Green and Black available in 60 inch bolts
for batting specs: Quilter's Dream website

Service fee does not include batting, backing or specialty threads
Other fees may apply depending on the condition of the quilt top 

 Please click on Quilt Preparation to find out what you can do to keep your cost down and help ensure a finished quilt that you will be pleased with.

Thank you! Your business is always appreciated :0) 

~ This page updated 2017 ~
Prices subject to change without notice 

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