Customer Quilts

 Quilting by Jo ~ Moonbear Longarm Quilting

This page shows custom e2e and standard panto/e2e quilting.
Updated to July 2016

For close ups and additional information on a quilt design, batting and threads used in each of these quilts, use the Search by Design or Search by Quilter options located on the side bar to find the original blog post about each quilt.

 Karen's Moda Modern Building Blocks

Debbie's Moda Modern quilted with Woven Wind 

Wild horses quilted with Wild Swirls for Cindy

 Bargello quilted with my go to pattern New Wave

Pineapple quilt made by Betty D, quilted with custom borders

 Kelly's houses

 Linda's Farmer's Wife ~ Custom e2e with borders added

 The galaxy is quilted on Linda's stars

2 more for Carol F, these with border designs 

Goldie's Bargello sample for her class

Star Mola for one of Kelly's Ripple quilts

Custom e2e with Celtic Knot on Linda's Ripple

Echo done as a custom e2e lined up to the blocks in Claudia's quilt

A little bit of Hawaii on these two quilts for Carol F 

Jamaica for Leslie (loved her fussy cut borders :0)  

 A special quilt for Buster Brown

Paisley e2e

 Cindy's Irish Chain, quilted with a One Song design set up as a custom e2e

Kelly's sample quilt hanging up at HRQ
quilted with Sugar Scull Flowers

Quilt top by Sandra E ~ custom e2e with Peacock Feathers

Quilt top by Sandra E ~ Custom e2e with Crazy Swirls

Quilt top by Beckie ~ quilted with Hummers

Jubilee e2e

Pinwheel e2e on Cindy's quilt top

Stars and Bars for Betty D's starry quilt top
Following are quilts, a few custom, quilted on the Gammill prior to 2014
before the change to Innova (LOVE my Innova!)

Williamsburg e2e for Claudia


Bubbles Everywhere e2e

49r Quilt by Donna L


Deep Blue Sea

Spools for Sue


Under the Deep Blue Sea e2e for Judy's Tula Pink quilt

Feathered Leaf panto for Beckie



Customer quilts shown at ASQG 2013 quilt show

Sandra E

Bev A, our featured quilter

Sandra E

Kelly K

Tess Y

Cindy G

Following are a few of the customer quilts,
e2e and custom, all quilted on the Gammill
Quilt by Pearl ~ blocks machine embroidered by Pearl

Quilting on the Aaron Clark Memorial donation quilt

Quilts made by Janie
Echo stitched around embroidered blocks
Feather meander design with curly feather borders
Quilts made by Takako
Takako made several quilts with sashed embroidered blocks

Sunbonnet Sue appliqué by Takako

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