Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 ASQG quilt show ~ Judged quilts

Center of Amaretto Cottage by Janie and Jo

 Amaretto Cottage
I am so happy for Janie, that her quilt won a 1st place ribbon in it's category! We worked on it together for over a year. Janie asked for my help, however I learned just as much as she did thru the entire process from the first cut to the judging.  Thank you Janie!

Entering a quilt to be judged is a rewarding experience, even at guild show level. Jody Ohrt was this year's Judge. Jody has judged many competitions including Pacific International Quilt Festival. "The purpose of having a quilt judged is to provide the quilter with feedback on the strengths of the quilt in terms of the quilt's overall appearance, workmanship and design. A written evaluation is a learning experience. The judge reinforces a quilter's expertise by commenting on skills that are well accomplished. The judge also gives the quilter comments on areas that may need more practice." 

Following are four more quilts that earned ribbons
 quilted by Moonbear Longarm Quilting

Vintage Valentine by Sandra E
I had fun quilting Vintage Valentine for my friend Sandy. Beautiful applique!

Big Wedding by Kelly K
Two of Kelly's quilts earned ribbons in two different categories.
Big Wedding is also hand appliqued, really well done Kelly!

Autumn Daze by Kelly K
Judy J's A to Z
Judy's quilt earned a ribbon in a category that had 20 quilts in it!

More quilts that won ribbons
and to revisit Barbara's quilt that won Best in Show

 Made and quilted by Barbara M. The quilting is outstanding!
The photo doesn't do it justice, best seen in person to appreciate the wow quilting

One Fish Two Fish by Lynne P
Lynne's quilt won Judges Choice

My Shining Sunflower by Cassy L.
Cassy made and quilted this beauty that earned a First place ribbon :0)
Well done Cassy!

The Rose by Kathy T
Kathy won a ribbon for The Rose

There were lots more that I didn't get pix of. The time went by so fast and there were so many things to do and see. Keeping the vendors happy kept us busy too. 
One more, this is Sally's wonderful applique quilt that won Viewer's Choice award
and you can see why (exhibit only, this quilt was not judged)

Pandemonium by Sally Jo
Annie's Star Quilt Guild in Chico, CA has some very talented quilters!
One more very talented member and quilter is Donna Greenwald.
Donna was our Featured Quilter for the show...
Here is a link on Ramblin' Rows with pix of Donna's artwork

Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ASQG 2015 wrap up

It's Finished! by Karen Gs
Wrapping up with a few more customer quilts
 displayed at Annie's Star Quilt Guild 2015 quilt show.
This is Karen's quilt, started in a Linda Ballard workshop/retreat.
The pattern is Cathedral Square from Let's Quilt
Karen's fabric choices were crying out for feathers,
so feathers it has! :0) 
Here is a blog post with more details and close up pix when it was quilted.
Thank you Karen! I loved that it was located right next to our little vendor area behind Fat Quarters. Everyone appreciated your quilt all weekend! 

Stars and Bars by Betty D
 Betty's Stars and Bars quilted earlier this year
Here is the blog post with more pix of Betty's quilt.
I will see Betty tonight at our quilt show wrap up meeting plus have a new quilt ready to return to her that was quilted this week. Betty is one of my best customers and I appreciate her and her quilting sew very much! If you go to the side bar and click on Betty D in the Search by Quilter box, you can see lots of blog posts with her quilts :0)
Thank you Betty, see you tonight 

Under the Sea by Frances P
This cute quilt was made by Frances and of course, it was quilted with a design called Deep Blue Sea :0) Here is the blog post with Frances' quilt. Plus a close up of...

 the quilting on the back of Under the Sea. 
This is a really fun quilt! Thank you Frances

One more post planned of the quilt show with judged quilts that earned ribbons. (If you can't wait, they are posted on my blog ~ Ramblin' Rows) One person I haven't featured yet is Kelly K. Kelly's quilts will be in this next post because both of Kelly's quilts that were quilted at Moonbear's studio won ribbons! Yea Kelly! I just turned over another quilt yesterday that Kelly made for a family friend that was so kewl! Pix soon

Time to go frost some quilts!
Wrap up meeting tonight for our quilt show committee chairs.
Tot ziens, Jo
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Judy P ~ ASQG 2015 quilt show

Aunt Bea's Parlor by Judy P
Judy's sweet vintage quilt, hand embroidered and 1930's reproduction prints.
The perfect combo :0)

Judy exhibited two quilts in the show quilted at Moonbear's studio.
The quilt above and...
Row by Row Pezzy by Judy P
This second quilt Judy made in a Sandy Klop (American Jane) workshop
by our guild Annie's Star Quilt Guild earlier this year

Judy is a wonderful customer and a good quilter!
We have collaborated on many quilts :0) 
I always enjoy your visits to my studio Judy

Links to blog posts that include more info on Judy's two quilts:

Judy is also an accomplished doll maker
This is one of Judy's masterpieces that I purchased from Judy
for a friend at our quilt show in 2013
This is Shelly, she is happy living in a beach house on Galveston Island :0)
Thank you Judy

Tot ziens, Jo

Monday, November 16, 2015

Material Girls at ASQG 2015 quilt show

Love this quilt designed and made by Pam B.
The inspiration began with the center bird fabric. Pam pulled together wonderful fabrics. We kept the quilting simple with a design called Peacock Palm 

Material Girls is one of the small groups in Annie's Star Quilt Guild made up with an incredibly talented group of quilters. Starting out with Pam's quilts recently shown at our guild's quilt show.

Swoon for Pam
The blocks in this Swoon quilt were made by each member in Material Girls for Pam. The first Swoon Pam made was displayed and sold at Sisters show in Oregon a few years ago. I had the pleasure of quilting both of them, each one getting better! Custom quilted with a wool batting. Thank you Pam! You are the best!

Cannery Row by Bev. A
Bev is a wonderful artist, our featured quilter at our last quilt show and does most of her own quilting. Once in awhile she asks me to quilt for her. This is one Bev had the vision, I simply guided the machine with her artwork ;0) Beautiful. It certainly took me out of my box! Thank you Bev

Missie's wildlife quilt

Wildlife and paw prints were quilted in the borders like this bear's face plus more throughout the quilt. It makes it fun to find the hidden animals both in the prints and the quilting. Thank you Missie

 Adding Missie's Quail Trails, quilted by Missie. Beautiful! Missie also does most of her own quilting and is quite the artist. Well done!

Judy with her A to Z
Judy is also a Material Girl :0) Both of her quilts that she asked me to quilt for her are already posted here on the blog. Thank you Judy

Donna Greenwald, also a member of the group was this year's featured quilter. Her work is amazing and I will feature more of her quilts in a separate post. For now, one of my favs as it depicts Tahoe, my sanctuary and favorite place in the world.
Donna Greenwald
Donna does all of her own quilting which is part of her art. One of my goals for the new year is to take one of her classes, or better yet, attend her Tahoe retreat! 
A few more pix from the Material Girl's quilts at the show
(not quilted at Moonbear, I love to see quilter's that do their own :0)

Sally Jo's, I did baste this one for her, it is completely hand done by Sally Jo!

Tot Ziens, Jo

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayers for Peace

A day of silence and prayers 
for our world citizens and Paris 

Image from Grit's blog

Friday, November 13, 2015

Beckie's quilts at ASQG 2015 quilt show

Beckie with her Peacock quilt
My friend Beckie exhibited quilts in ASQG's quilt show for the first time! 
Peacocks was quilted on my first longarm.
Beckie's Peacocks

The next three are quilted on my Innova...
Beckie's Birds
Gorgeous fabrics! Quilted with wool batting, an Omni thread
and a design called Bird in a Nest

Beckie's Birds with a Viewer's Choice award!

This quilt Beckie made for Steve and can be found hanging in his office.
Steve's Quilt made by Beckie
It has birds quilted in the gold border because, 
in case you haven't figured it out, Beckie loves birds!

and one of my favorites, Shenandoah
This quilt I did a custom e2e with Williamsburg 
with a layout flipping and mirroring the design.
Quilted with a wool batting and a gold Glide thread.
 close up of a corner
and the center of the back

Thank you Beckie!
and thank you Steve for helping us with take down after the quilt show :0)

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