Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best of Quilts from ASQG quilt show

Best Art Quilt ~ Treetop Pair by Phyllis C.

Best Use of Color ~ Flower Basket by Sally Jo S.
Best of Show ~ Stars by Marilyn G.
Best Small Quilt ~ Mystical Manzanita by Josette R.

Best Large Quilt ~ Mariners in a Pickle by Esther A (Threads on the Floor)

This quilt is made by my friend Esther
(NOT Esther Aliu, this pic has been pinned and re-pinned
with someone giving the credit for making this quilt to a different Esther)

Congratulations to all the ribbon winners!

Friday, October 28, 2011

ASQG Quilt show 2011 ~ part 4

A few more photos of some of the quilts shown at Annie's Star Quilt Guild ~ Harvest of Quilts ~ October 2011 quilt show in Chico, CA USA
We had close to 300 quilts displayed. Check out all 4 of the posts of the show to see but a few of them. Many were hard to photograph because of the lighting. I had fun with a team of members that set up and took down the quilts for the show.
A quilt I exhibited in the show. Black, White and Red All Around is the quilt I made from black and white fabric charms I swapped with members of Alex Anderson's AAQMB in 2003. The pattern is a design by Kathie Holland ~ Inspired by Antique Quilts ~ With Kathie's permission, I also taught this as a class at Cathy's Sew and Vac. Here is a link to a previous post with pics of the quilts made by the class.

This quilt made by Janet Alexander 
is an antique linen table cloth that she machine quilted...
Quilt by Janet A.
using a technique taught by Cindy Needham. 
Cindy is a local quilter and member of our guild
 well known for teaching machine quilting. 
Here is a link to her blog,
Close up of Janet's gorgeous quilting

another close up of Janet's antique linen table cloth

The next three quilts are made and machine quilted by Lynne Pillus. Lynne is another talented local quilter here in Chico. Lynne is doing a trunk show and teaching a workshop at our guild, Annie's Star Quilt Guild in November. I am sew happy because I am signed up for her workshop!

Three Horse Power by Lynne P.

close up of Three Horse Power

Colonel Mustard, In the Library with... by Lynne P.

No Deere Here by Lynne P.

Following is Taren's Floating Curves. I am showing it again, right side up this time and also because it is one of my favorites of the show. Her machine quilting is amazing! I wish you could see it better in the photo.
Floating Curves by Taren S.

 Here is my mom, enjoying the show!
Hope you have too. Wish there was a way to take better photos to show off machine quilting as well as the quilts themselves. As I work on improving my machine quilting skills and photography, I really appreciate how many talented quilters we have here in the Chico, Paradise and Oroville area.

We also have wonderful vendors that complete the show.
Rabbit Hole, Honeyrun Quilters and Cathy's Sew and Vac are all LQSs in Chico
Morning Star Quilts is located in Paradise and owned by a good friend, Marsha.
Marsha, Rocki and I worked together at FRH in Paradise, CA many moons ago

Thursday, October 27, 2011

ASQG Quilt Show ~ Part 3

More photos of quilts at Annie's Star Quilt Guild ~ Harvest of Quilts ~ Oct 22 and 23, 2011 quilt show in Chico CA, USA

yummy cheddar!

A few more made by our featured quilter
Goldie Olson

Goldie Olson

Goldie Olson

Goldie Olson

And more made by our talented members

Holloween Happiness by Marilyn K.

O'Pear by Brandie

Garden Twist by Barbara M.

Floating Curves by Taren S.
(shown sideways)

Thanks for looking!

Keep scrolling for more quilt photos...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ASQG Quilt Show pics ~ part 2

More photos of quilts from Annie's Star Quilt Guild ~ 2011 Harvest of Quilts
October 22 and 23, 2011

Fireworks by Lynn M.

Stars by Marilyn G.
(That's my mom enjoying the view)

Starburst by Pat R.

This is a Round Robin done by several members

Lone Rider by Katie V.

Camelot by Donna L.

Colors Gone Pop by Judy J.

Flea Market by Carol J. W.

Memories of Arizona by Judy R.

Magic Vine by Judy P.

There are more photos to come in a new post
Thanks for looking!

Keep scrolling down for Part 1 with art quilts at the end of the post...

Monday, October 24, 2011

ASQG Quilt Show pics ~ part 1

Following are photos from Annie's Star Quilt Guild 2011 Quilt Show ~ Harvest of Quilts VI ~ Chico, CA USA ~ October 22 and 23, 2011 ~ Enjoy!

 The first seven photos are quilts made by our Featured Quilter & Teacher ~ Goldie O.
by Goldie

by Goldie

by Goldie

by Goldie

by Goldie

by Goldie

by Goldie
Following are more photos of quilts made by members of Annie Star Quilt Guild in Chico CA 
Wedding Quilt by Deborah B. and K. Family

My Dog Holly by Nancy M.

That Jazz by Phyllis C.
Tangled Tulips by Donna G.
Tree Study by Betty V.
Wood Ducks by Pat R.
Cosmic Jewels by Robbie L.

Circles of Holly by Linda A.

Waken I by Missy C.

Sunflower by Jill R.

Off to Market by Phyllis C.

These are some of the photos I took. Will start a new post with Part 2
Thanks for looking!

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