Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone in blogland a very Happy Halloween. Thoughts and prayers for everyone on the East coast as the clean up begins. Lovely to see all the ghostly quilts made for tonights Hallows Eve.

Our Color Me Happy Block of the Month at Cathy's/HoneyRun Quilters is coming to a close. One year later, Thursday is our final meeting as we add sashing and borders to our blocks. This is Kathy Ts quilt top in progress. A few more cuts and one more row. I absolutely love her colors and fabrics!

Following are quilt tops in progress made in my Two color/Two block quilt workshop.
Here is Michelle's in blue and white:
 Judy is making her blue version for her hubby:
Gail (above) is adding blocks to her red and white quilt to make a queen size quilt. Below is my scrappy version in blue and off white:
Sue B joined us to make progress on her quilt top started in my last workshop Woven Rail Fence. She was unable to make all of the sessions. One more session coming up next week Thursday when we all add the borders!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another year

From my Sweetie. Proof that he doesn't wait until the last minute to wish me a Happy Birthday :0)

Veggies from our garden along with the pumpkin Micheal scored my name into when the pumpkin was very small and green. This little guy was hidden in the vines and since he is doing most of the gardening these days, a fun surprise for me! Isn't he wonderful !?!

Another year plus it's been a month since my last blog post (my apologies)... time is going by way too fast. Birthdays seem to prompt a time for reflection. My life has changed dramatically in the last seven years and it's about to take a new path. We (Mr. Wonderful too) made the decision to move my Mom in with us. After a month of planning, rearranging the house and adding some safety features, we moved Mom in on Sunday. So far the transition is going well. Mom has severe dementia and that will be a challenge. She always knows us and until that changes we hope to have her here with us. With a new Memory Care facility being built here in Chico we have that as an option. 

There are lots of quilts lined up between now and Christmas. Life is good... quilting, gardening and spending time with three people I love very much. That includes Chris, my son who recently moved into a house close to us. Just got a birthday phone call from by BFF Sally. Life is good :0)
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