Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grandmother's Choice

I had a wonderful morning working on blocks for Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice BOW.
Block 22 Jack's Delight
 Michael looked after Mom so I could have some "me" time taking a few stitches
Block 20 Memory Wreath
Block 3 Union Square
Block 1. Grandmother's Choice
The first block I made when the project began in September. 
My digital camera card failed this afternoon so I ended up scanning the blocks which are not as good as a photo and took forever to download. We get so accustomed to technology, frustrated when it doesn't work and then wonder how we ever got on without it. Update: replaced the scanned images with new photos taken today with a different card.

Mom is a handful, much like having a toddler around the house except in an adult body.

Thanks for hanging in with me. I do check in often to see your wonderful projects. Aunt Reen's group is finishing their Dear Jane's, in just a year!!! following her 13 months of Jane WOW! Lori posted a wonderful quilt a long, Abundance that allot of you did and Temecula Quilt Co started a 5 week quilt project on Friday that looks like a fun and fast little quilt. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. All your blocks looks wonderful Jo, I just love that 'bird' fabric, just perfect!!! I didn't do the Grandmother's Choice, but I am going to do Barbara's Dixie Diary block of the month, a little more doable for me, just waiting for my fabric to arrive from your shores, hopefully a parcel will arrive in the next week!!! I'm doing the 12" block size. Yes there are a lot of very tempting projects out there in blog land, I guess the plan is not to get too overwhelmed and just do what you can!!!

  2. All those little birds are too cute in the centers.
    Looking good and perfect!

  3. WOW... I really do LOVE these! Your choice of fabrics is awesome...just Love those Birds! So very different and wonderful!

  4. Those are just beautiful blocks, Jo! I am super happy you had some Jo time :) Thinking of you :) xo Pam


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