Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

A vintage hand pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made by a family member, 65 x 90, approx a twin size made in the early 1940s. These are the real deal! 
This is the quilt loaded on my longarm as I begin the quilting.   

After quilting the block design in the flower,  I added a 1/4 inch stitch in the yellow center.  
 Next was a 1/4 inch stitch around each of the flowers.
 A few of them were 'almost' fussy cut hexies like the blue and white one in the lower right.
Here it is with the quilting finished. Altho is would have been wonderful hand quilted, it has a nice period look, IMHO.

It was a nice finish to my work week. Today I spent the day getting ready for a road trip and a much needed get away. This evening I packed up some hand work and a good book. I'm ready to roll! Will check in along the way when I can. Once I reach my destination... no internet! Oh no!!!  lol

See you on the flip side :0) Meantime here is a second little poem from The Cheerful Cherub by Rebecca McCann...
I made the nicest kiss I could
And blew it to the moon so far,
And then I watched the empty sky
And pop --- out came a little star!


  1. What a wonderful long-arm option for quilting this incredible hexie quilt top!!! You've done a great job, it's quite subtle, and doesn't take anything away from the original piece. Yes, handquilting would have been great, but as an alternative, this was well thought out and the result is quite stunning!!! I just love that green inbetween the hexie flowers, such a classic colour!!!!!

  2. Great quilting design you came up with Jo!
    It really sets off this beautiful antique quilt.

  3. You did a great job on the grandmother's flower garden quilt. Enjoy your getaway!

  4. Which block design did you use. Love the simplicity!!

    1. Thank you, I believe it's a block design by Donna at One Song Needle Arts. Not able to confirm as this was quilted when I had a different system.


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