Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mermaids swimming in Seaweed

Pattern is Wonton from our favorite triangle girl
Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts

Made by Kelly, GREAT fussy cutting!!! 

 Quilted on my Innova with Seaweed from Anne Bright
 The perfect choice for this quilt :0)

 Kelly used a blue background
Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool with a thin layer of cotton 
to keep the light fabrics nice and bright
Thread is Apricot Blossom, an Omni from Superior
with Natural White on the back

Seaweed is one of my favorite designs, love how it flows!
Anne did a great job of interlocking the rows, great design

Head on over to Honey Run Quilters to get a real life look.
Kelly is putting on the binding and it will be up as a store sample very soon! 

If you like it, you will have to make one of your own
because this quilt has been claimed! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Morning Post ~ Two for Claudia

I really have been working on customer quilts in between all of the other 
'stuff' that took over my life... temporarily. Posting pix has not been a priority :0( 
Finished on my Innova are these two quilts for Claudia...

This one was a fun quilt altho, it's the one I kept cutting the batting too small!
Thankfully it was batting from my rolls and not my customer's batting.

We layered two, thin cotton on the bottom against the backing 
with wool batting on top for loft. The background fabric is pure white 
and the only thing I found problematic with Quilter's Dream Wool 
is that the backing fabric shows thru to the top with light fabrics.
The seam allowances stand out against the shadow of the backing. 
To fix this problem, I add a very thin layer of cotton batting 
like QD cotton request. Too thin by itself on a longarm frame
unless you float tops but for layering... it's great!

Below you can see a little bit of the backing, a great bird fabric
 pieced into the backing rolled onto my take up bar.

Custom quilted with a simple motif repeated in each block 
with a single version in the small blocks. Bright White Omni.
The yellow was all ruler work done with 1/4 inch stitching in Omni Banana. 

Quilt two is semi custom ~ an edge to edge with a border 
set inside of the center field instead of a border on the outside. 
 I achieved it using the Mask function altho, not something I will do again
 until ABM comes up with a better version, hopefully it will be addressed 
in the new Mach 3 format that just came out. Way too many tie offs!!! 
A get around would be to connect the ends using Art and Stitch.

 Made with a Charm Pack with fabrics from American Jane
Perfect for this baby quilt, my favorite fabric/block...
is the DOG. Very cute!
Quilting pattern is a new set by Anne Bright named Pickup Sticks
 Wool batting and Omni thread in white and Banana in the inner border
with Pearl White on the back. 

As usual, Claudia's backing is pieced... love it!!!
Well done Claudia, thank you

Enjoy your weekend
Tot ziens, Jo

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