Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kelly and Ripples

One of Kelly's Ripple quilts

Ripple is one of many quilt patterns by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts 
This and the one below are two smaller versions Kelly made since her workshop.
 Both are quilted with two different Mola designs. 
The one above with a custom e2e and the one below with an all over e2e.

Another Ripple quilted for Linda D 

This one is set up with a custom e2e using a Celtic Knot design...

Great fabrics including the backing that Linda choose for her Ripple 
that she pieced in Kelly's workshop. Sarah has one ready that I will be quilting soon!

Kelly has done several workshops, many from Jaybird Quilts. Toes in the Sand was a BOM we recently finished. I quilted Kelly's mermaid Toes and guess what, forgot to take pix before delivering the quilt last week... I tell you, I'm loosing it! I brought the quilt with me to Kelly's newest workshop... Gravity. Yep, another BOM from Jaybird. Already have some quilting designs in mind for this one as well :0) 

A second quilt recently done for Kelly that I did remember to take pix... 
is this quilt that went to PIQF with Honey Run Quilters as a sample with Kaffe prints

A modern Dresden with great prints! 
Completely machine pieced including the inset circles...
Well done by Kelly a quilter extraordinaire! 

Fun quilting design with fun fabrics using Sun Spirit by Kim Diamond 
and a border print from Anne Bright. I took the border design and created 
a new individual element that I quilted into the center of each of the blocks. 
Quilted with Quilter's Dream Wool batting, it gave it a little dimension as well! 

Thank you Kelly! 
Tot ziens, Jo


Saturday, October 29, 2016


Well now, it official, I am loosing it! Not only behind in posting pix here on the blog, but taking pix altogether! It happens once in awhile, but now it is happening allot :0( Too much to do and running out of time to get it done.

Claudia brought in 3 quilts... all are quilted, binding attached... and picked up too! That of course is always the best part... getting to share finished quilts with customers. Thank you Claudia, you are the best! btw, I also forgot to give you the cut-offs from your quilts, they are safely stored away until I see you again. 

I did get these pix of one of the three... 

 This is a flannel quilt Claudia made from Woolies. 
Really nice and soft! Picked a thin cotton batting because 
these fabrics are fairly heavy themselves, The backing is a Woolie flannel as well. 

Quilted with Malachite by Patricia Ritter from Digi-Tech
It added a nice texture to the flannels and worked with the border print. 
Claudia's intention was a masculine quilt and I think she nailed it :0) 

Binding has been added since this photo along with the other two quilts for Claudia. One was Kansas Troubles which I, of course, absolutely loved! Great colors, prints and pieced pattern, just my style too. The third quilt was quilted custom and so pretty. I am pretty sad I didn't get pix of both of these beauties ;0( Thank you Claudia, you are very much appreciated.  

Tot ziens, Jo

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fish swimming in the Deep Blue Sea for Sandra

Fishiness quilted for Sandy with Deep Blue Sea 
using the set by Kim Diamond that includes the borders, corners and e2e 

Cute fish swimming in the Deep Blue Sea! 
 Great prints to go with the great piecing and fabric choices by Sandra E.

Love the graphic piecing pattern as well... well done Sandy! 

A second graphic quilt made by Sandra, this one with cat prints...

quilted with Catrina, a design by Apricot Moon
This is the backing!... just as graphic as the front :0) 

Another for Sandy... these girls keep me busy! 
This one is quilted with a new design by Patricia Ritter named Malachite. 

Chosen for the stone look of the background fabric 
and a nice texture with the loft of the wool batting.

There was one more quilt that Sandy brought in with musical instruments 
made for a young man from her church (it left the studio before pix) 

Thank you Sandy. 
Good to see all your pix of the Grand Canyon and that you and Mo 
had a fun and safe trip to Arizona. Welcome home :0) 

Tot ziens, Jo
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