Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting ready

This quilt top is actually the end of this week's progress.
The week begins with taking down a longarm and getting ready for the arrival of a new one!
Michael and I starting taking the Gammill apart. Moved out all of the boxes that were packed around the frame. Monday morning we had half of my studio empty and ready to finish taking the final parts off the Gammill frame and move the entire longarm to Kathy's shop in Orland. 

With four guys, the frame was disassembled and moved out of the studio. Kathy and Larry had access to a nice enclosed trailer for the move. BIG thank you to all the guys for their help. 
Taking the light bar off the frame
Rollers are in the trailer and the actual machine, PC, monitor and small parts are all safely tucked away in my truck across the street.
Of course, we got so busy I kept forgetting to pick up my camera and take more pix!
Magic... here is the Gammill with a very happy Kathy in her shop!!!

It was stressful, to say the least, just one broken part, a light bulb!!! My son Chris helped with the move and to make sure the PC was reconnected properly, all systems were a go!

Kathy and I after we ran all the system checks and the oil program,
She is ready to quilt :0)
and here is my studio with a big empty space were the Gammill used to be.
My big worktable will be moved into it's place. Now I will have wall space to mount a rack I built for holding bolts of lining. It will also be used to hold rolls of batting. The rest of this week was clearing out the other half of my workroom, removing everything that was packed in, on, under and around my table. There was allot packed into that room. Right now it's all stacked all over the house!
Notice that lovely window treatment? Yes, it's a plastic table cloth with a flannel back held up with nails! This by a person (me) that is fully capable of making really nice window treatments! 
Before taking down my table I did something about that. This is a quilt kit I purchased at our guild's last quilt show from In Stitches, one of our vendors. I rarely buy kits but this was just the right colors (I painted the walls a light grey) and size for one of my work room windows plus the pattern is easy, in fact it is called The Big EZ :0) 
Sashing and corner stones are in the bowl and the four patches are ready.
While cutting out the next pieces I had to make some changes. Just can't leave things alone!
I didn't care for the large floral print and how it got lost. Above is a picture of the original quilt. Using a red Sharpie, I drew in the red frames and like it. So I brought in another fabric, the red, also purchased at the show from a different vendor. Sashed the floral fabric, made a few more changes in the layout, added more of the paisley blocks because I love that fabric.
Quilt top in progress, ready to put more rows together and add the borders...
The finished quilt top with borders (pictured at the top) is ready for my new longarm to arrive...ready to be quilted and then made into a Roman Shade for the studio window. Stay tuned to see how I do that, it's pretty cool. When the shade is down, it looks like there is only a quilt hanging on the wall.

This quilt is so different from my usual style. Very contemporary and not even one HST! 

Today is breaking down the table and getting the room completely clean and ready.
SOON my Innova will be here!  

Update: The reason I made the decision to move my table is to take advantage of the track lighting for the Innova. My Gammill had a light bar which I loved! I choose not to add that option to my new machine (expense) because of the track lighting we installed in my workroom 5 years ago. 

We built my table 5 years ago too and forgot that we built it like a tank! It would have been easier to move the track lighting!!! Happy we did it, now everything is clean and dusted too :0) Batting adds allot of lint in a workroom! Happier that we are done. Putting it back together will be much easier and hopefully this time it will be for 10 years :0)
My worktable in pieces
and the new space for the Innova with lots of light! 
Now I am ready!


  1. What an amazing move! I'm sure Kathy is thrilled with her machine. What a fun and graphic quilt!

  2. Your room looks so big without that monster machine! I can't wait to see that quilt/roman shade in action. Inquiring minds need to know how that works!

  3. The window treatment comment made me laugh, and reminded me of "the cobbler's children have no shoes."

  4. Jo, looking forward to seeing the finished studio and window! I bet you are anxious for the Innova to arrive and put the finishing touches on everything.

    Miss you!

  5. That quilt top is going to make a gorgeous curtain for your sewing studio!
    Congratulations on the new Innova purchase - hope it arrives soon!


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