Saturday, May 23, 2015

Answered Prayers

Thank you all for your prayers for my Mom as they have been answered. Mom left this world and the body that caused her so much confusion and pain. She has a new caregiver now in the arms of the Lord along with many members of her family and friends that made the journey before her. Thank you for extending love and prayers for Michael and I as well.

 Crystal and Mom hanging out in my quilting studio
I miss them both so very much

Mom years ago
she would come down to my studio and help pull pins
out of the leaders on my first longarm

Michael took these last year on Thanksgiving Day
I will miss my Mom and am comforted in knowing
she is in a better place

Tot Ziens Mom
Thank you all again, bear hugs, Jo

Friday, May 22, 2015

Prayer Warriors

Michael and I are requesting prayers for my Mom. Placed here with us along with Hospice care nine days ago Mom has declined rapidly in the last 48 hours. Not able to communicate any longer we miss her voice and smile. Please join us with thoughts and prayers that Mom begins her journey from this life soon and is granted a peaceful passage to what lies beyond. Jo

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quilts for Pam and Alice

Quilt top made by Pam P
Great colors and the print fabric with birds is very nice. It's a large quilt and one that seen from a distance as in a photo the pattern is even better. It's made up of the same block rotated with a great layout for the center, nice!

 The print with birds is the backing, the outer border and pieced into the blocks. 

Quilted with an e2e from Sweet Dreams Studio named Williamsburg
using an Omni thread in the color Hazelnut
just the same color as the birds.

Pam and her MIL, Alice both started bringing quilts in for quilting last year. Alice made the two big star quilts made from panels that I quilted earlier. This is a third one she finished...
 Great kaleidoscope effect!
These panels depict a Japanese woman by a pond with flowers
so I quilted an e2e of purple Koi swimming in a purple pond ;0)

One more quilted for Alice, actually top made by Delores for Alice
Alice choose a new quilting pattern that we thought would work in the diamonds
Quilted with Sweet Peas! using a Fantastico thread from Superior named Rainbows
The swirls in the quilting design also goes well with the fabrics

Sweet Peas, a fun design from One Song Needle Arts

Will save a few more for another post. After working a Saturday to make up some time, I am ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope you do the same!

Tot Ziens, Jo

Friday, May 1, 2015

Flower Moon

May 1st
Flowers are abundant in my garden :0)
So nice to see color and shiny new leaves

Update on Mom and Michael... both doing much better! Thank you for all your kind thoughts, words and prayers. Mom is getting over the cold and eating better again. Cuts are healing despite her pulling off the Steri Strips the hospital applied by the first night. Happy I had some new ones on hand and kept them replaced daily.

Michael is much better, not looking as gray/green! Tests indicate possible stones and a Gall Bladder attack. So nice to have him back up and feeling better as in not so grumpy! I am back at longarming and made good progress the last two days. Yesterday the 2nd Merry Snowmen was finished. Yea! Definitely a fun quilt to work on and getting in some hand guided quilting feels really good. 

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend
Take the time to make some stitches!
Tot Ziens, Jo 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A quilt for Claudia, Mom and turn around

First, this is a quilt made by one (I have several!) of my best customers, Claudia
I considering myself VERY fortunate to have such wonderful customers... it's amazing!!! Love my job because I get to see and quilt so many different quilts

Semi custom quilting with a border/corner design from Anne Bright named Pearl Feathers
The center field is an e2e, also designed by Anne named Seaweed framed with SID.
Great design with wonderful even coverage and flow.

Wool batting and three threads, Signature and Omni,
two in shades of gray and a dark burgundy for the inner border.
 The backing... paisley print, what's not to love! Great fabrics!!!
I love to see quilters use good quality fabrics for backs.
It adds so much to a quilt.

The rest of my blog post is about my mom (NQR) and my turn around time

Helena, my mother is amazing. Born in the Netherlands, survivor of the German occupation of Holland. Came to America following WWII and marriage to my dad in the late 1940s. They became citizens and started a new life. Fast forward... we moved Mom here to Northern California with us following the death of her husband, my father. She was already in the advanced stages of dementia. So not easy! That was eight years ago and it's still so not easy. I had to set up a Conservatorship thru the court of California simply for the 'right' to take care of my mother. The cost has been incredible with annual hearings and accountings. It's insane! Advice... make sure YOU and your family have directives and a Trust you are comfortable with in place.

Friday morning Mom fell. She cut her face, we believe from her glasses. She was taken to the ER, despite a POLST. Cuts taped and unnecessary tests revealing... again, nothing. She is 99 and there is nothing 'medically' wrong with her... except dementia, which you can die of, but care is not covered by insurance because it's not deemed medical. Frustrating! Other than low O2 sats and a cough, she was released. I took her back to her care facility, went home for a shower, picked up a RX for her cough and spent the rest of the afternoon with her and listened to the rattle as she breathed. If anything takes her, this may be it... and it would be OK. It is heartbreaking. While I was with Mom, Michael went to Immediate Care because there is something going on with him. The PA could not figure out what after a few tests. Michael just called me, waiting in line for a blood draw, glad to find a lab that was open. It's a bit much and I am not getting any quilting accomplished.

Brings the subject back to quilts, turn around time and custom hand guided quilting. Custom quilting is tricky, especially estimating time. For the time being, I am not accepting new quilts for custom hand guided quilting.

Presently my turn around is October going into November with any one of these digitized design options: e2e, e2e with a border/corner set or my custom e2e where I am able to change the repeat pattern or line up a design to a quilt top block pattern. Straight set, alternated or set on point, the patterns are set up on each block, linked and then run like an e2e. To change a repeat, I am able to take them apart, flip, mirror, alternate and then link them back together and run the new pattern that is created like an e2e. I've gotten really good at it on the Innova with Auto Pilot. BTW, my Innova, I have decided to name Helena, for my mother and my Auto Pilot system, will remain Hal because that computer does, on some days, really have a mind of it's own!

Many of my customers are happy with digitized designs and they really do look good! A custom e2e when added with a border and corner set looks custom quilted... but not as organic because the stitching is... perfect... because it's digitized. Some people love it, some... not so much. That's OK.

Again, and I can't say this too many times, thank you to my customers. I appreciate each and every one of you so very much. I know that I have lost a few existing and many new customers recently due to my present turn around time and please know this does not set well with me. I wish so many things but reality is what it is and no amount of wishing will make it different. I will always do my best. Thank you for your understanding. Have a wonderful weekend. Take some stitches! for...

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb
Tot ziens, Jo

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stars for Spring

Love to see Spring fabrics brighten up my studio
and these fabrics from Honey Run Quilters do not disappoint!

 Anne made this top as a store sample
Great colors and placement by Anne, well done!
Star pattern is by Theresa Wright

Great floral with dots print for the backing
Quilted with an e2e by Anne Bright ~ Escargot
Thread is an Omni ~ Sea Mist from Superior Threads

Thank you Rhonda and Anne!
Tot ziens, Jo

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eagle Scouts

Eagle prints with Boy Scout merit badge print fabric for the cornerstones
Well thought out and made by Betty D

Made for a grandson with a goal of Eagle Scout status
 Very clever! Quilted with an e2e ~ Cloud Nine
with a blue Glide thread named 'Tar Heel'

A second quilt for Betty... that is Oh So Sweet!
Cupcakes on the front
with donuts and more sugary items on the back

I love how Betty pieces most all of her quilt backs
Great use of fabrics and stash busting!!! Love that black and white fabric too! 
Yummy! and no calories in the tummy!

 Quilted with a pink Omni thread from Superior
and an e2e design from Anne Bright called Trickster
Thank you Betty :0)

Enjoy your day, stitching away!
Tot Ziens, Jo