Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Long time gone

Lots going on in the studio and beyond. Quilting customer's quilts as well as my own. New opportunities in the longarm world. Road to California in January and PIQF last month. Annie's Star Quilt Guild's quilt show earlier this month. Teaching classes at Honey Run Quilters. Life as a quilter is good as well as over the top busy.

Blogging, sadly, fell by the wayside. A Facebook page set up with a page for the business. Recently a new tablet with the ability to add instagram which, so far am liking. Technology and social media are great however occupies precious time.

Have lots to catch up on in blog land. One aspect of my longarm business is I am no longer taking new customers. In 2018 my business plan is to turn to teaching, both piecing as well as longarming. Time to pass on the quilting bug and share with new and upcoming quilters.

Happy our guild's quilt show is behind me now. As vendor chair, quilting customer quilts for the show as well as my own and fitting in a week in Santa Clara for PIQF, working with my local Innova dealer in the booth playing on the longarms and answering questions about the business. Not to mention life outside of quilting!

 Proof positive that I have been quilting 😊 lots of emptied thread cones, thread tails that accumulated in the little bag I have taped to the handlebars of my Innova.
All different kinds of threads waiting to be put away in their boxes. Love my Innova 😍

Completed quilt pix once I get better at posting from this new tablet with auto correct... something new to get used to 😵!


  1. That is so wonderful Jo! I'm sure you'll be an awesome teacher as your quilting is spectacular!

  2. Another missed connection--I was at PIQF for the first time ever!



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