Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best of Quilts from ASQG quilt show

Best Art Quilt ~ Treetop Pair by Phyllis C.

Best Use of Color ~ Flower Basket by Sally Jo S.
Best of Show ~ Stars by Marilyn G.
Best Small Quilt ~ Mystical Manzanita by Josette R.

Best Large Quilt ~ Mariners in a Pickle by Esther A (Threads on the Floor)

This quilt is made by my friend Esther
(NOT Esther Aliu, this pic has been pinned and re-pinned
with someone giving the credit for making this quilt to a different Esther)

Congratulations to all the ribbon winners!

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  1. thanks for posting these - am off to see more. mariner's in a pickle is a feast for the eyes as is Stars for A. Thanks for linking!


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