Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yankee Puzzle and 1880s Sampler

Yankee Puzzle ~ Today's block posted on Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog
This is my version of the block...
Block 49 Yankee Puzzle
Also made a few of the 1880s Sampler blocks...
Roman Cross was posted on Cheryl's 1880s Sampler blog on Friday  
1880s Sampler ~ Roman Cross

1880s Sampler ~ Square in a Square Variation

1880s Sampler ~ Courthouse Steps

Elaborate Shoofly attempt!
Should have quit while I was ahead! lol Even with Cheryl's warning that this block tends to "grow on you", mine did! There are more pieces to this block but I stopped here. Will make another attempt at it but not tonight! Happy with what I accomplished today...

Michael started a native plant project last year for Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance. With volunteers, we hike and harvest seeds in the fall, start seeds in the spring, re pot into bigger pots in the summer with volunteers that take the plants home over the summer to tend and water them and then we plant them at the beginning of winter so they will get watered by the winter rain. Today was planting day and with the help of volunteers, 65 native plants and trees were planted in Bidwell Park today, along Big Chico Creek in Chico, CA. Michael and I also volunteer as team leaders through out the year for the Bidwell Park Volunteer program to remove invasive plants in the park. It's nice to be able to replant the same areas. Lise, the volunteer coordinator treated everyone with pizza.

Checked in with mom (she is having a really hard time with Christmas again this year)...and worked on blocks. Not too bad for a Saturday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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