Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fair Trade indeed

My friend Brandie was working on a big quilt. She is a really good quilter and quilts on her home Juki. Does a beautiful job of it however, I convinced her to quilt this one on my longarm. We worked on it together and it turned out great! It's a blue and white quilt and she choose an all over tulip design. Perfect... It gave the quilt a Delft feel which made the Dutch girl in me happy :0) Check out her quilt on her blog ~ abc!

She asked what she could offer in return. I am always getting in trouble for not having a name tag at guild meetings so that is what I asked for. I knew she would make something wonderful, her applique is to die for, much better than mine. However this was beyond my expectations! Just look at what Brandie made!!!

Her inspiration is a China Red Poppy from my yard... my favorite flower with it's purple pollen. My favorite colors, red/orange and purple. Beautiful feather quilting, also my fav. She's a keeper!!!
I've been grinning since Thursday nite :0)

Brandie took me out for dinner that evening after we worked on her quilt and the next day gave me a Delft collectors thimble she had in her collection. And the name tag... Wow! I'd say we made a very fair trade!!!  

Happy Birthday today Brandie!!! and Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Have a Great Mother's Day Weekend :0)


  1. Jo - Love the new header on your blog and I really like the new name tag. You do know it will have to be seen at every guild meeting, right?

  2. Great header! So glad you're happy with your license plate, lol. It looks good on you!
    Thank you so much for quilting my blue quilt. Next we will have to come up with a project for us to do together. Thank you!

  3. Definitely a fair trade!!! I just love your new name tag, it's beautifully made, good for you!!!

  4. Love the name tag! It is so nice when friends compliment each other so well. It sounds like you both are quite happy.

  5. WOW ! I just love your new name tag Jo ! Just gorgeous !


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