Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art quilt for Karen

Today was a fun day finishing the FMQing on Karen's quilt. It's called Just Drillin" from a pattern by a member of our guild, Lynne Pillus of The Mechanical Quilt...
Just Drillin' made by Karen

Close up of wood grain FMQing

Lynne did a trunk show and a workshop for our guild last year. Karen did the workshop along with other members, including myself. Yea! for Karen for finishing her top. Mine, sadly is on my UFO list. My first attempt at an art quilt. Way out of my traditional quilting style but...
 it's good to quilt outside of the block!!! Right? once in awhile!?!

Karen did a beautiful job and I had fun quilting it. Hope Karen likes it !?! She will see it tomorrow at our guild meeting.

Tomorrow will be a busy day... Block of the Month at Cathy's at 10 am, Session # 3 ~ Adding Borders to the Woven Rail Fence quilt at Cathy's at 1 pm and Annie's Star Guild meeting at 7 pm with a trunk show by Thom Atkins. As well as Friday. Months ago (before I had way too much on my plate) I signed up for a Friday class with Thom Atkins, a guild workshop. It's a class on beading quilts. Click HERE for a link to see his class projects.

Here I go again... quilting outside of the block!!!

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  1. Karen's quilt looks great! She'll love it!
    Every once and a while we have to leave our comfort zone.


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