Friday, May 3, 2013

19th Century fabrics

A highlight of my visits to Texas are the quilts in Michael's family. Both of his sisters have a wonderful collection and his father has quilt's made by family members in Pennsylvania from the 19th century. It's so exciting to 'visit' two of the quilts made with 'real' Civil War fabrics. Here are photos I took this trip of both of the quilts now in Texas...

Pics of tops, both are scrappy...

In this photo you can see a few of the fabrics have worn away. Thankfully it's only a few areas with most of the fabrics in very good condition! Colors are vibrant as the quilts have had minimal handling. They have been stored and used off and on. 

(NQR) We have fires in the area with smoke filled skies this morning. So unusual with snow falling elsewhere in the USA including the panhandle of Texas today! My Mom is not doing well, last night was not a good one and I missed going to a quilt guild meeting. Life is a bit frustrating right now.

Have a great weekend, hope it includes some quilting! I know I need it. Thinking of joining in a QAL with Lori at Humble Quilts or a quick May Mystery project at Aunt Reen's Place... Easy as 1, 2 3  Thanks for stopping by :0)


  1. Thankyou for sharing these glorious quilts!!! I can't get over all that handquilting, the crosshatching stitching, would have taken ages!!! How wonderful to have them in such good condition, and the fabric selection in them is mindblowing!!!!
    Hope things will ease up for you, keep stitching when you can, it really is the best therapy!!!

  2. Lovely heirlooms! Sorry to hear about Mom. Hope she gets better soon. Either Lori's or Doreen's projects would be a good distraction.

  3. What lovely quilts!! Sorry you are going through hardships with your mum. We are going through them with my FIL.

    I'd love for you to do our medallion quiltalong!!

  4. How thrilling it must be to have those quilts in your family. I have personally never seen a civil war era quilt in person. Thanks so much for sharing these. And thanks for commenting on my blog, Jo - it means a lot to me. My best wishes for your mom ~

  5. Thank you for sharing these delightful pictures of the vintage quilts, they are wonderful!

    Blessings to you and your Mom. How wonderful you are with your Mom in her time of need and care. You are a gem.

    Hugs, Carolyn


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