Friday, November 21, 2014

Swoon for Pam and Baskets for Debbie

Swooning over Pam's quilt!
This is Pam's second Swoon. Pam selected all of the fabrics and each block was made by members of her quilting group ~ Material Girls. I quilted her first last year, in the Spring. It was displayed at Sisters the following July and someone purchased it :0) Quilted on my previous longarm with a butterfly kaleidoscope design, completely different from this one. What a pleasure quilting Pam's new Swoon on my Innova longarm. Such a difference!

The beginning of the stitch out, LOVE my Innova! Quilted with specific designs for the 26 inch Swoon blocks with motifs to fit each of the shapes including a 'pebbles in a pod' design in the diamonds. Below is the secondary design that fills the shapes and sashing in between each of the blocks.
As well as the negative space which forms a block in the corners of each Swoon. Quilted with a Glide thread in the color Viking (who comes up with color names?!) and a wool batting, layered with a thin cotton batting under the wool for stability. Love the loft of the wool! It's so much fun to quilt on :0) Digital designs are from Sweet Dreams Studio
Below is Pam's gorgeous voile backing fabric!
(more pix at the bottom of this post)
Thank you Pam

Baskets for Debbie,
also a longarm quilter. This quilt is too large to fit her longarm frame, she added a berry fabric to three sides to hang down the sides and custom fit her bed. Debbie is a very talented longarmer in her own rite, it was an honor that she asked me to quilt for her...
Quilted with an e2e ~ Williamsburg
using a Glide thread in Sand (gold)
Also with wool batting

Here are the sides with the berry fabric
Love the colors and fabrics!
and a close up of the baskets... 
and the two backing fabrics

Thank you Debbie!

I even received flowers from Pam 💖
sitting on my side table next to my longarm while I work in my studio
So very nice, thank you Pam! 
and in the same colors of the quilt :0)

 A few more pix of the Swoon blocks
btw, Debbie is also a member of Material Girls
and make one of these blocks :0) 

A close up of the pebbles in a pod, the perfect shape for a diamond

I am finally feeling better today, that little flu bug I encountered last week had friends! A bit of a set back in my quilting schedule. I will be working tomorrow to catch up and happy to have my flowers from Pam to cheer me up! Enjoy your weekend :0)

Groetjes, Jo


  1. Such beautiful quilts and your quilting is always Amazing. Glad to hear you are feeling better

  2. Oh I love the quilting you did on Pam's Swoon, beautiful. I'm sorry you have been sick, no fun at all. Glad you are feeling better,and so very very happy that you and your Innova are getting along so well. So happy about that.

  3. I love Swoon even more the second time! Especially since it is my 60th birthday quilt from the Material Girls. Your quilting is just perfect on it! A million thanks! Xoxo Pam


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