Friday, January 9, 2015

Home safe

Very happy to be home safe. Thankfully we had a few frozen items in the frig for a meal. Neither one of us was willing to get back into the car, not even for a quick trip to the store. The only reason I would have hopped into my truck would have been to pick up Crystal at Chris' home, my son, who always took care of her while we were away. It's tough. I've said goodbye to many dogs, Crystal has been the hardest by far, for both of us. 

The highlight on the last day of our journey home was a stop at a quilt store in Fernley, Nevada. It's on alternate 95, our usual route thru Nevada on our way to Texas. Due to our late starts in the mornings to avoid icy roads with an extra day of travel, the store was open this trip and we stopped in. Wonderful store because... I found they carry a great selection for Civil War repros! Barbara Brackman, Betsy Chutchian, Paula Barnes and Judy Rothermel were most of the designers they carry. I was surprised not to see any Jo Morton, they said they would look that :0)
as well as a large selection of batiks and hand dyes. A Stitch of Country is the name of the quilt store. Really nice folks. They have a wonderful classroom, longarm and embroidery services, with an APQS on site. We had the opportunity to meet Kathy, who operates and does all of their long arming hand guided. It was a great visit and of course they were happy that I purchased (way too much) fabric!

Time to get back to quilting


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