Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Retreating

... that's what most of the the states are longing for however, here in California, we are entering another year of drought. Springtime looks as if it's already here with many of our trees in bloom. The Star Magnolia is almost finished with new leaves emerging and the Red Bud are so pretty in pink. 

Blogging is frustrating with 80% of my blog comments bouncing. Why does blogger bounce google? Anyone know how to fix this? I do spend time reading tho, especially early mornings such as this. So much quilting eye candy!

Enjoy your Sunday. Make the time to take some stitches :) Jo


  1. What does that mean that your comments are bouncing?

  2. Hi Jo,
    I can see your comments on my blog and I really appreciate them. They just don't come to my email which I find really annoying. I like to thank everyone personally when they take the time to comment. So publicly, I'm thanking you personally for all of your comments! I appreciate YOU! ~~Lynn


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