Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn Medallion Sampler

Perfection in Autumn batiks! 95 x 106
This quilt is made by Peggy S for an upcoming October wedding

Wonderful batiks, I believe Peggy told me this was a class

Great choice for backing

Quilted with a Glide thread in Desert Sunset
Quilting design is Rapunzel
Batting is Quilter's Dream Cotton

Gorgeous job of piecing by Peggy!
Thank you 

This beauty definitely sets the mood for Autumn
with cool temps this week YEA!!!
and a little bit of moisture falling from the sky.
This change in the weather is good news and will help getting fires under control. Thoughts and prayers go out to many displaced families here in California effected by the worst fire season I've seen as a native Californian & survivor of three evacuations. Special prayers to those in Lake County with significant losses, including one life and many animals. Many many thanks to the women and men who put themselves in harms way in order to fight fires and help preserve as many homes as possible. Thank you and stay safe.

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