Monday, November 16, 2015

Material Girls at ASQG 2015 quilt show

Love this quilt designed and made by Pam B.
The inspiration began with the center bird fabric. Pam pulled together wonderful fabrics. We kept the quilting simple with a design called Peacock Palm 

Material Girls is one of the small groups in Annie's Star Quilt Guild made up with an incredibly talented group of quilters. Starting out with Pam's quilts recently shown at our guild's quilt show.

Swoon for Pam
The blocks in this Swoon quilt were made by each member in Material Girls for Pam. The first Swoon Pam made was displayed and sold at Sisters show in Oregon a few years ago. I had the pleasure of quilting both of them, each one getting better! Custom quilted with a wool batting. Thank you Pam! You are the best!

Cannery Row by Bev. A
Bev is a wonderful artist, our featured quilter at our last quilt show and does most of her own quilting. Once in awhile she asks me to quilt for her. This is one Bev had the vision, I simply guided the machine with her artwork ;0) Beautiful. It certainly took me out of my box! Thank you Bev

Missie's wildlife quilt

Wildlife and paw prints were quilted in the borders like this bear's face plus more throughout the quilt. It makes it fun to find the hidden animals both in the prints and the quilting. Thank you Missie

 Adding Missie's Quail Trails, quilted by Missie. Beautiful! Missie also does most of her own quilting and is quite the artist. Well done!

Judy with her A to Z
Judy is also a Material Girl :0) Both of her quilts that she asked me to quilt for her are already posted here on the blog. Thank you Judy

Donna Greenwald, also a member of the group was this year's featured quilter. Her work is amazing and I will feature more of her quilts in a separate post. For now, one of my favs as it depicts Tahoe, my sanctuary and favorite place in the world.
Donna Greenwald
Donna does all of her own quilting which is part of her art. One of my goals for the new year is to take one of her classes, or better yet, attend her Tahoe retreat! 
A few more pix from the Material Girl's quilts at the show
(not quilted at Moonbear, I love to see quilter's that do their own :0)

Sally Jo's, I did baste this one for her, it is completely hand done by Sally Jo!

Tot Ziens, Jo

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