Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day

 Thank you to all of our Veterans, today and everyday.
Freedom is not free
Sharing some pix taken last week from Honor Flight Austin's Facebook page. In this group photo above is Michael's father, seated in the center front row. Thank you Daniel Stauffer, your family is very proud of you!. Dan is also a founding member of Georgetown's SAR, Sons of the American Revolution chapter. He loves genealogy and has been instrumental in helping members establish their link to a direct descendant of an American Revolutionary War soldier. Thank you Dan for all your service.

    A few more pix and link from Honor Flight Austin's Facebook page

Great program! Pam B and Betty D shared that their father and FIL participated in Honor Flight programs in other cities. Wonderful! Love that quilts are supplied to keep these important veterans warm on a chilly day! Speaking of quilts, have to include one :0)
Quilt made by Sandy E for Quilts of Honor
Quilts of Honor, another great program
Quilts were made by many of our guild members for Quilts of Honor
and presented to veterans at a 2013 ASQG's meeting.
Link to my blog post about that moving evening...
 Quilts of Honor presentation 

Thank you for your service
That includes one of our guild members as well... Kaywood
was a nurse that served in a MASH unit in Vietnam.

(will get back to quilts from ASQG's show tomorrow)
Tot ziens, Jo

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave"

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