Monday, January 25, 2016

Two for the Goldie Girls

This beauty is made by Sandra E
Another scrappy treasure, love how Sandy pieced the border :0)

This second quilt made by, none other... Goldie!

It's been awhile since I've frosted one for Goldie. We have another in the works plus a third that I will be picking up this week. Goldie's Stash Buster is coming up this Thursday 10 to 4 in the classroom at Cathy's and Honey Run Quilters. To see more of Goldie's work... Goldie as our featured quilter at one of our guild's past quilt shows.

 Goldie's is quilted with New Wave, my favorite design to stitch out on a Bargello
 Quilted with a cotton thread from Signature

Close ups of Sandy's...

Quilted with a new 2015 design by Jessica Schick at Digi-Tech named Ornamental Webs. I love how she sets up her designs as point to points. It makes using the designs so versatile. They can be flipped, mirrored and then linked together to run like an e2e. Once laid out on the computer and lined up with the blocks, it's a great option to give a custom look, especially when coupled with a border design. 
This pic without the flash shows the quilting better. The very first pic with flash is a better example of the true colors. Beautiful Sandy, I love this one! Didn't get a pic with the backing, it's the same fabric at the inner border. Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool. Love the loft! Note: Good that we are getting lots of rain here in Northern California. Not good is that I have not been able to take pix outdoors. That is OK, we will take the much needed rain!

Thank you Sandy and Goldie
and all of the Goldie Girls who pitched in with a gift certificate for Goldie.
Very nice! See you Thursday :0)

Tot Ziens, Jo

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave"
Native American proverb

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