Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wedding quilt made by Betty

Love the fabric colors Betty pulled together for this Pineapple quilt. 
It's the second Pineapple I've quilted for her, the first was years ago on my 
previous longarm. We settled on a different quilting pattern
 for this one, Wild Swirls by Anne Bright.
It's a set including a border and corner design. 
I added a string of pearls in the inner border.
Quilted with Omni thread in a soft color called Buff,
it blended with the fabrics really well. 
Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool ~ love the loft!

Beautiful! and beautifully pieced!
This quilt made it's way to the happy couple in Betty's family.
Safe travels Betty, thank you :0)
It's a pleasure to quilt for you 

Definitely wedding quilt season, this is the second for Betty this year
 plus the French Braid Beckie made. She has a second one in the works! 
Made good progress this month. Quilts are getting quilted faster 
than getting posted on the blog! 
Tot ziens, Jo

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