Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Graduation quilt for Kathryn

Kathryn made this quilt for a close friend celebrating her graduation 

Great choice of fabrics and pattern for a friend that loves... purple! 
Quilted with Sugar Scull Flowers... a fav from Anne Bright 
also quilted for Donna on a fund raiser quilt that she made for her friend 
that is fighting Pancreatic Cancer. Always impressed just how amazing my friends are! 

 The center worked out great, I knew it was spot on horizontally but it worked out
vertically too. Love when that happens! 

 Thread is a newer one from Superior... Omni V 
... a variegated version of Omni that I absolutely love using! 
It shows up nicely for e2e designs when you want the design 
to play second fiddle to the quilt top. 

 Didn't get a full shot but it's a good pattern with a medallion center.
Kathryn did a great job of fabric selection and layout. 
Well done! Thank you Kathryn 

Tot ziens, Jo

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