Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Eye Distraction!

A great weekend with some wonderful "new to me" finds!

Some felted wools, wool roving, some primitive threads and patterns. Very yummy! Also Civil War fabrics purchased at an estate sale. Patterns, tools and a whole bunch of paper piecing supplies. Some rulers and tools that I already have, however these are in much better shape than my worn down tools!

But the best of all... a Red Eye. Always wanted a treadle that I can actually sew on!

This is a 1916 Singer Red Eye that I found in a new Consignment shop that just opened last week in Chico. Model No.66 born in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Cabinet is in pretty decent shape and it's a 7 drawer. Nice wood details... and the drawers are stuffed with all sorts of buttons, needles, bobbins and all the attachments. No manual. I may have one, not sure if I kept it or sold it with an electric No.66 that I sold because there was too much to change it to a treadle.

The top of the cabinet has some rings... why is it that people feel compelled to set plants on treadle sewing cabinets!?! However, the veneers are in excellent shape, no bubbles or peeling, not even much crazing.  The metal stand has some rust and is very dirty. I have another treadle with a better stand that is exactly the same so I plan to switch them out. My goal is to have a treadle that I can actually use, not just for collecting.

This is a Singer I brought back from Texas last year. Originally from Wittenberg (Prussia) Germany. Only known history is that production began in 1908, all records were lost. The decals are unusual.

The 5 drawer cabinet is in decent shape. Some crazing in the varnish. This machine was found in the hot attic of a house in Houston, Texas. The metal stand is in excellent shape and turns smooth. The machine is not in as good of shape. Both of these cabinets have the pull out instead of the drop down middle drawer.

There were 2 small old oil cans in the drawers of the Red Eye... so now with a third oil can that was found in yet another 5 drawer cabinet I found a long long time ago, I do have a collection of oil cans. That cabinet did not have the original machine in it any more but it did have all the attachments and the manual for a No.66 in the drawers. The manual I hope I still have... lol So you see, I have been working on this for a long time!!!

Now, back to work and why are there not enough hours in the day?!!!


  1. Oh, I am in awe of that machine and cabinet!! It looks a lot like the one my grandmother used to have -- wonder what happened to that?? Absolutely gorgeous and, yes, I am a bit jealous -- but so happy for you and your new machine.

  2. I am green with envy! The decals on your new 'red eye' machine are beautiful! And the cabinetry is has such great detail work! Lucky girl!

  3. Wow!!!! Great machine and cabinet----you lucky gal! I have a neat machine like that but not in that condition.

    Have fun with it!



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