Friday, March 30, 2012

Antique quilts!

The most amazing day! Gail, who I recently met thru my quilting business and then again yesterday when she attended my class, mentioned that she had some "older quilts' and could she bring them by one day. Sure! Well she called and came by my studio today and brought her quilts. WOW is all I can say. I took some pictures but seeing them in RL was Amazing!!! Thank you Gail for sharing your quilts! Following are some of the pics I took...
Appliqué quilt~ Hand pieced, hand appliqué and hand quilted. Cotton batting

Here are the 2 stacks of quilts with the Tree of Life in the foreground

30s Butterfly with button hole stitch

Redwork ~ Hand quilted. Cotton batting

Silk patchwork ~ foundation pieced onto a cotton fabric. Not quilted.

Wool and Velvet Crazy Quilt with Feather stitching - tied

1930s Maple Leaf
30s Maple Leaf quilt looks to be hand pieced, the stems are machine stitched along the edges.  Gail remembers that this quilt top was quilted later, it has a newer muslin backing and binding, it is tied and the only quilt with polyester batting. The fabrics are definitely 1930's. I have more pics of the blocks with different 1930s fabrics and will post them all on another post...

 These were my two favorites ~
Close up of appliqué, you can see some of the fabric wear
border and corner setting triangle of the appliqué quilt

Tree of Life ~ hand pieced, hand quilted, cotton batting
I will post more pictures and details with close ups in a new post. I took more pics of the Redwork too, each block is different and IMHO made by a group of quilters as they don't look to be all stitched by the same person. There is one more quilt not pictured here yet, that has me stumped. None of these quilts have any type of marking or labels... if any one out there in blogland has any ideas/opinions about these quilts, Gail and I would love to hear from you! TIA


  1. Drooling! How fantastic. Wow!
    You had a great day, I'm jealous.
    Don't know which quilt I like better, the appliqué or the tree of life. Wow

  2. Ah ... the Tree of Life blocks quilt! Lovely quilting too.


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