Monday, March 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3.26.12

Up on my wall this morning is a little QAL by Temecula Quilt Co.
Celebrating their five year anniversary they started this QAL the beginning of March called Blessing Baskets. One more block to go and then setting blocks. 
These basket blocks are 4 inch finished

This was a fun little project to pick up over the weekend to satisfy my desire to start a new project :0) Finished size to be 18" x 18". I picked some fabrics from my stash after being inspired by Aunt Reen and an appliqué project, Evening Blooms she is starting with turkey reds, blacks, browns with a cream. Yummy!

A cold rainy weekend, we need the rain and the garden is loving it. Nice quiet quilty weekend started off with a nice surprise on Friday evening. From a CL ad, Michael and I checked out a quilt for sale, we met Jerry. I promise to post a picture soon, it's a large quilt, handmade Double Wedding Ring made by Jerry's family. His grandmother hand pieced the top and then it was hand quilted by other family members, mother, sister and cousins. The scalloped binding is done by machine. As cool as the quilt is, meeting Jerry was the nice surprise.

It didn't take long to discover that Jerry was all about the Blues. My all time fav, SRV was represented in his collection as well as decor. Clapton, Mayall, Bloomfield as well as the originals. On the wall was a photo of Buddy Guy, he had an original play list written by SRV and lots more. It was amazing. Quite the collection of CDs and DVDs. He is a wealth of Blues knowledge. Rekindled my love for the Blues as I thumbed thru my collection, searching for recordings that Jerry didn't already posses. He gave me a recording of Mike Bloomfield and Johnny Winters which I thoroughly enjoyed while working on my Blessing Basket blocks on Sunday afternoon.

All sorts of blessings in life and you never know where they will take you :0)


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend ! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the quilt .

  2. Your Blessings Baskets are beautiful! You sent the rain last week, so maybe we will get some more here too!

  3. Your blessing baskets are so pretty. I hope to get going on that project soon - I've cut out the first two blocks. It will be fun to see how it all goes together.

  4. Your Blessing baskets are coming along so well. I haven't done mine yet but I'll knock it off when the last basket instructions are posted on Thursday.

  5. Another cutie!
    Sounds like a great weekend


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