Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Wall Monday

JT2 block 19 ~ Feathered Star is on my design wall this morning...
My first feathered star... I've always wanted to make one and considering how much I love to make HSTs, odd it's taken me this long to try one!
One of the things I DO like about JT2, it does take me out of my comfort zone!
I lost a few points and most of the outer star points don't have 1/4 inch seam allowances so they will be lost when this block gets set in.
For my first Feathered Star I am happy with this one :0)
The next set for JT2 has a variation of a Mariner's Compass! Oh joy!... to be hand pieced! Oh oh... out of my comfort zone again! Click Just Takes Two for info on this 2012 Mystery QAL. Check out my progress on my JT2 page.
To see what other Quilter's are working on go to Judy's Patchwork Times
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Love the feathered Star! I had it on my to make this year and JT2 must have heard it and put it into our sets of blocks to make in our 2 colors. Mine are Purple...I've made a Mariner's Compass, that was on last years agenda. It's good to challenge ourselves and get out of the quilting box.

  2. I love your 2 color feathered star and thanks for the mini tutorial of how you went about making yours!!

  3. Wow, a very ambitious block...lovely. Good job!

  4. Your feathered star looks great, perfect piecing! I'm making this quilt too but I'm a little behind and haven't made this one yet.

  5. Jo it looks so great!! I like how you took process photos along the way. I never thought of doing that. Now I'm wondering if I should have tried it as written instead of switching to paper piecing. Nice job!

  6. Looking good. Your feathered star look very good. I have been thinking of starting this but have not yet.

  7. Your feathered star looks really swell. In fact I am currently attempting to piece one myself. I am using a neat tutorial from a link that Lucy mentioned on Flickr.

    Only thing is mine is blue and white! :)

  8. Awesome job making this block! It turned out beautiful!

  9. This is a beautiful block...I have always wanted to make one!


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