Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mom is 97 today!

Today is my Mom's birthday, she is 97! Amazing. So far it's been a very good day :0) Birthday cupcakes and cookies. What's not to like!

Thursday was the last block of the month workshop at Cathy's/Honeyrun Quilters. Kathy T finished 2 quilt tops and Claudia was wrapping her's up at the end of our meeting. Kudos to 2 of our group that finished their quilt tops! This is Kathy's second top:
She was finishing that last block and I did not get a picture of it! Below is the first one we put up on the design wall last month. It is now finished and again we didn't get it up on the wall for a picture.
Claudia's quilt top is as the sample I made for this BOM.

Theresa at Honeyrun had a new book she showed me that same day that would be fun to do as the next Block of the Month program at the shop. The book/quilt is called Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell, an Australian quilter/author. It was done as an online block of the month a year or so ago and just came out in book form. More on that later.

Also very excited to hear progress about Barbara Brackman's book Civil War Sampler coming out in December. It can be pre-ordered now. I found it on Amazon where you can see a few of the pages including the index and guess what... there's my name! (Three of my blocks are in her book) I can't wait to get my hands on it. Click here to see her post about the book. American Homestead (Ellen) got to see the galleys for the book at Quilt Market in Houston. She says the book looks great!

This is too funny :0) Just looked at Barbara's last post on the Civil War Blog about a new product. Microfiber cloths with an image of Becky's Civil War quilt! Check it out here!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom. Wow, 97 years old, that is amazing. Birthday blessings to your home.


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