Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend
Easter Greetings to those who celebrate
Hope you have the opportunity to spend it with friends and family
filled with love and joy

Yea!!! Spring has arrived here in Northern California with warmer temps and a few Spring showers on the way tomorrow so there may be some soggy eggs left by that Easter bunny!

A yard sale find, a book of poetry published in 1927 ~ The Cheerful Cherub by Rebecca McCann. Her first verses and artwork published 1914 in the Chicago Evening Post and later syndicated. One of those little treasured finds. Tho without the cute artwork, following is one of many verses, more to share from time to time...

The tide of summer rising,
A green wave strong and dark,
Breaks in a foam of blossoms
And children in the park.

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