Monday, March 18, 2013


Meet Olivia, isn't she cute! She is surrounded by quilted butterflies
 and a curly pig tail border :0)

All of these quilts are made by Beckie. She and Donna are my friends, work together, spend their lunch hours at Honey Run Quilters/Cathy's and both are talented quilters! I am so happy they let my practice on their beautiful quilts and I am quite happy to know them as friends and quilters :0)
 Beckie made this from a pattern by Theresa Wright

 Beckie's Bunny Quilt, this fabric is so cute. It's hanging up at Honey Run Quilters right now. The quilting design is Viennese Lace. The green is Radiance, it's so pretty when it's quilted.

A baby quilt Beckie made,  I added a monkey quilting design. Love the colors!
This quilt has lots of velvet mixed in as well as brown velvet borders, velvet backing and wool batting. Beckie likes a challenge and to challenge me! This is another Theresa Wright pattern called Chocolate
Beckie's Tula Pink fabrics are really gorgeous, both the color and design. 
I love the frogs, there is a snail design and the border has a really cool sea turtle. 
Also made with Theresa's Gypsy Patches pattern.

A Cheery Christmas print
Have a bright and cheery week. Spring is just 2 days away! Yipee!!


  1. Wow, working with velvet must be CHALLENGING!

  2. Those colors must be fun to work on now in the middle of winter. Lovely, Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fun, and your quilting looks amazing on each one. I have a friend with a daughter named Olivia, so I will send her over for a look.

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these great quilts! I love to look at finished quilts and your machine quilting is beautiful on all of them!


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