Monday, October 7, 2013

ASQG ~ Our Featured Quilter

Bev A is this year's featured quilter for our guild's quilt show. 
This is a post of her work displayed at Annie's Star Quilt Guild's 2013 show...

 Bev is an accomplished quilter and does most of her own quilting!
However, for the show she asked me to quilt two of her quilts. 
This one made with silks and one more, I didn't get a good picture of.
Part of it is in the third picture up, just the edge of it on the right.

Bev has such a diverse body of work and is talented in so many quilting mediums.
Applique, piecing, machine quilting, handwork. Quite impressive! 
Thanks for visiting :0)

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  1. Jo, Thanks for posting all these nice pixs of Bev's quilts! She is an amazing diverse quilter and I loved seeing them all in person! Loved the ones you quilted for her, too! hugs, Pam


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