Friday, December 20, 2013

Quilts for JoAnn

JoAnn decided early this year to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren for Christmas this year. I was honored that she asked me to quilt these special quilts for her family. Following are pix of the quilts she made...
This quilt has wonderful colors, the circles are done with applique. This one was so nice she made it twice! JoAnn made a few fabric changes however, they are almost the same. We quilted the same design on both, curves and bubbles ~ Deep Blue Sea.
This is the backing fabric on both quilts. Beautiful
This quilt is named Garden Maze. For a grand daughter who loves pink and purple!
quilted with Just Roses
This is the magazine pic which gives a better idea of the whole quilt. It's big and with the weather I was not able to take the last quilts quilted for JoAnn outside for photos.
This is Tess Elation, also from a magazine as pictured. Two got by me without a photo.

This is the Star quilt, quilted with Meandering Feathers. 
Lots of Y seams, JoAnn did an amazing job piecing this quilt. 

Love the applique that JoAnn added to this quilt
 Bright colors, quilted with an all over leaf quilting design.
And the first quilt is...
 one of my favorites ~ Civil War reproduction fabrics with lots of nine patches :0)
 One last photo with the binding attached. JoAnn had me sew on the binding on all of the quilt tops. She finished the bindings, all of them sewn down by hand. JoAnn labeled all of the quilts, added a small pocket and included a small photo album of each quilt in progress. Very thoughtful!
She put all of her heart into this.

 Her family owns a business ~ Z's Bees in Orland CA close to Chico. 
Here is a picture of the grand kids and family from their web page...
The boxes stacked on pallets are called nucks and are used for the bees. Love the colors, they look like 3D quilts! It's nice to know that they will all be together soon with JoAnn and her DH. The grandkids will have their quilts to cuddle up in for Christmas.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!


  1. Just wonderful quilts Jo !

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  2. Really beautiful quilts she made for her family!
    Lovely quilting too!


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