Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fall, flowers and butterflies

Fall came to an abrupt end this week. Freezing temps and a frosty white Sunday morning. Despite covering plants and adding lights we lost a few. We haven't been out to check this morning but it doesn't look good from the windows. Burrr!

In my workroom there are flowers and butterflies that are not going to freeze on these quilts :0)
This quilt is made by Takako. 
Her quilts are made with embroidered blocks and sashing, this one is all roses.
This is Beckie's quilt. Quilted with an e2e of Butterflies.

Still fabricating a few window treatments every now and then. I finished four valances for a residential care facility. This is what my workroom was all about before I began longarming.
Another two quilts went out the door without pix. I did get a partial pic of this quilt for Bev A. using a new quilting pattern ~ Feathered Leaf. I have another quilt on the longarm for Beckie with the same design. I really like it and am considering it for one of my Civil War quilts.
and flowers in our yard before the freeze...

Glad I took a few photos before this cold front came in because these beauties are gone now. Bye bye flowers and Fall, hello winter! Hope you all are staying warm and toasty, under a quilt :0) curled up in a chair like I am right now or while working on one. Enjoy your day, Jo

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  1. THanks for sharing the cheerful blasts of color . Here in north centralTexas we are covered in iinches of ice. Pretty but a bit limited in joy or color.


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