Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Feathered Leaf

Feathered Leaf is a new machine quilting pattern that I started quilting on my longarm. I really like it. For an e2e it is a very nice design. Here it is quilted on Beckie's quilt...
Beckie loves to use wool batting. I do too, it really shows off the quilting!
 The quilt pattern is Chocolate by Theresa Wright @ Honey Run Quilters
Beckie's beautifully mitered corners with great borders :0)
Wonderful colors, prints and a little Radiance fabric to make it shine. This quilt is a Christmas gift for Beckie's mom, colors that fit her decor... and it is big! Beckie also added the border design to the backing. Well done Beckie!

Feathered Leaf e2e
Feathered Leaf also quilted on a quilt for Bev. Loved the batiks and colors that she put together in this beauty. These are the best pictures as I didn't get the whole quilt before Bev picked it up. It's been way too cold to go outside to take pix and no room in my studio to hang big quilts. 

Last night was another cold one here in California. The puddles left over from Friday's rain are still frozen! A flannel sheet I laid over a bed of strawberries is frozen stiff. Burr! Time to head out to my studio where the heater has been on since 5 this morning. Still have more quilts to finish for the holidays and then it's going to be time to start taking down my longarm. If all goes well, I will be starting out the new year with a different machine! I'm on pins and needles! 

Enjoy your day, stitching away :0) Jo


  1. Love the feathered leaf quilting on these quilts , just Gorgeous !

    A new machine ! How exciting for you ! Congrats !

  2. A new machine?! An upgrade, I assume?
    The new pattern is very pretty!!

  3. Wow those quilts are looking good! I love that pattern Jo! I was able to see Bev's quilt in person on Monday night...it is adorable! I am so excited for you that you are getting a new machine. Can't wait to have something worthy of your work early next year!! xoxo Pam


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